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Recently, cyber bullying and social networking has gained more national attention as a growing problem in youth culture. This fast-paced, modern technological world of social networking sites encourages teens to voice their deepest thoughts in seemingly harmless ways, thus provoking inappropriate and hurtful words. I say we put a stop to all of this useless bickering among ourselves and target our jealousy, anger, greed, sadness and isolation towards the source of the cruelty in our society: the media industry, the music industry, the flawed education system and all other adult-run establishments in which we, the students, are made to feel as if we are set against each other.
A GOVERNMENT TD has called for all political parties to work together to tackle bullying on social media networks. The Oireachtas Committee on Communications is to hold a special meeting about social media and internet bullying later this month. Abortion is a sensitive subject., but there are many reasons why the laws need to be overhauled, writes Julien Mercille.

The meeting will take place at 9.30am and will centre on the issue of challenges facing individuals, families and communities through the irresponsible use of social media channels.
Committee members will wish to explore whether the representatives feel the existing laws are sufficient in this area and their opinion on the current take-down and blocking policies of the social media companies. When the creators of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram imagined these new networks of communication, I highly doubt that they pictured a new age in bullying along with them.
Ridiculously high numbers of news reports, articles and research has been done to show when, how, and perhaps why this new bullying occurs, yet no one has gotten to the source. A psychologist might say that it is due to the attention one receives online while others are watching and our emotional replies to others’ social pressures. Our society has made us to believe that if we are anonymous or if our thoughts are secretive to our group of friends only, that hurtful words cannot be harmful.

A celebrity might scream out in outrage of all of the teens being hurt due to cyber bullying. If they truly want to get to the bottom of the evils of social networking, they should look deeper into the establishments adults have created. Parents might buy self-help books on how to encourage their child to be their own person and to discourage social media sites. A society in which morbidly skinny girls are renowned for their bodies and yet at the same time, their weight is considered an outrage, creates confusion, self-confidence issues, and even more reasons for girls to be rude to each other.

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