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Social media today is an important way to get across your ideas on a platform from the very start of your business education.
Improving your career prospects through your MBA blogAs well as writing the book Reinventing You: Define Your brand, Imagine Your Future, Clark works as a consultant for huge clients such as Google, Microsoft and Yale University.
Maintaining an MBA blog can indeed help you prove your merit to people beyond your social circles. From your home base, you can feed important information directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many other social media sites where your customers are forming communities.
You might think that you can just throw up a facebook page and use that as your social media base.
With your own blog, you can create the content, insert and delete copy, add videos, images and podcasts that promote your products and services. Your blog can serve as your website that you update regularly by writing articles, called blog posts, that will build your visibility and your brand. Think of a blog post as a magnet, with your content drawing people to your home base where they can learn more about you and your services.
By the way, the most highly ranked blog on the Technorati 100 is The Huffington Post, one of the most influential newspapers, either online or offline. WPBeginner is an example of a smaller company that grew its following from zero to millions of viewers in the past few years with a dynamic blog where they are now selling a portfolio of services. If you already have a website and don’t want to convert right now to a WP blog platform, then consider starting a blog and linking it to your existing website.

Jeannette Paladino is a social media writer and blogger helping organizations to build brand awareness, increase revenues, and engage employees as brand advocates on social media. Everyone is skipping a step… What I mean by that is businesses have a website (great), social media accounts (awesome), but lack of education on the power of blogging and backlinking to achieve better SEO results. If you want it, you also get a FREE BLOG personally set up, feature-loaded, and configured by Brent using his 15 years of blogging experience.
For 10+ years, people have enjoyed my ebooks and received my messages with exclusive online business and blogging tips. Her position within the market strengthens the point she makes about the need for graduates to have a strong digital presence by keeping an MBA blog and understanding the relationship between social media and business education. You feed the social media universe’s insatiable appetite for news by blogging and developing awesome content targeted to your customers and prospects.
Blogs rank highly in search, unlike static websites, because the content is changing all the time.
Readers leaving comments on your blog posts provide you with valuable market intelligence and endorsement of your ideas. As your reputation grows, you will be approached by guest bloggers and you can invite people who are important to you – like your clients – to write guest posts. I write a blog for a client and it quickly became the leading source of traffic to the firm’s main website. Over 400 big pages packed with tips, tricks, instruction and lessons learned from 15+ of blogging and being online.

What you are, most probably, at business school for is to secure your future in business, and, to do this, more and more business school students need to start creating a social media presence. If you’re a small company, now you can go directly to your target audience with a WordPress blog as the centerpiece of your social media strategy. At last count, The Huffington Post’s monthly circulation was 37 million with 1 billion page views, and is must reading for business executives, politicians, entertainers – and other news media who regularly quote from it. Any of the social networks are capable of making a policy decision that would eliminate or drastically change much of the work that you put in. This will not only help you further your career prospects, but also to further ideas that might not have been conceived otherwise.Social media and business educationSocial media is more than just posting selfies on Facebook.
Your blog will burnish your brand much more effectively than a tweet or brief post on a social media network. As your list of subscribers grows, you can begin to sell them products and services directly, bypassing social media networks and distributors. It is now the thing that society spends the most time doing on the internet, meaning that connecting social media and business is more important than ever. Although it is important for business education students to vocalize their thoughts in class eloquently and thoughtfully, it is equally as pressing for students to utilize the written word.

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