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Identify what the company is looking to gain from its social media presence and determine objectives. Research other industry players, social media trends, and use analytics to measure the traffic generated by each of their networks. Keeps up a relationship with other industry players through different social media platforms. Most of Generation Y has a good grasp on the world of social media (a lot more of a grasp than these 18 Parents Who Haven’t Figured Out The Internet) but to be a Social Media Manager, you have to be able to organize and apply those skills to the company you work for. One of the great things about working in social media is that it doesn’t necessarily require any specific degree or academic background. I love the fact that there are majors that aren’t obvious candidates for Social Media Managers. Catherine Sloan's recent blog post on Nextgen Journal, Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25, has generated hundreds of comments in just a few days, the overwhelming majority of them negative.
There is, however, a more important point to be made than simply whether someone who grows up with a particular kind of technology is more suited to manage it. There are many reasons for the accelerating rate at which technology is driving change, from the exponentially compounding effects of Moore's Law to the even faster combinatorial rate at which social networks increase.
Don Peppers is founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, a best-selling author, sought after keynote speaker, blogger and key INfluencer.
A social media manager is responsible for making sure a company’s social media marketing campaign is running smoothly and producing positive results. What makes a social media manager’s job even more challenging is that social media is constantly changing. Many software development companies have recognized the overwhelming amount of manual tasks involved in running a successful social media marketing campaign. Posted on June 20th, by BallywhoSocial in Blog, General Social Tips and Best Practices, Social Media for CEOs and Executives.
Posted on June 18th, by BallywhoSocial in Blog, By Social Network, General Social Tips and Best Practices, Social Media for CEOs and Executives, Successful Brands on Social Media, Twitter, Twitter Content, Twitter Management & Best Practices. Posted on May 16th, by BallywhoSocial in Blog, By Social Network, Facebook Campaigns, Facebook Content, Facebook Monitoring, Social Media for CEOs and Executives, Twitter Content, Twitter Monitoring.
Posted on April 23rd, by BallywhoSocial in “Social Studies” Series, Blog, General Social Tips and Best Practices, Social Media for CEOs and Executives, Social Media Stats, Successful Brands on Social Media. A good Social Media Manager will also have a general knowledge of how the company functions as a whole. Some companies employ one Social Media Manager while others have entire Social Media Teams.

One company may have established policies and guidelines while another is still finding its footing using social media. Creating a realistic and well-researched strategy that will promote and encourage company growth is an important part of separating a Social Media Manager from some girl who has 100K followers because she posts pictures of herself in a bikini. A PR crisis can happen if a member of the social media team is not being careful and quadruple-checking their work.
We compiled this list of the top ten majors applying for social media positions on AfterCollege.
They can achieve this goal by several methods which include an endless amount of manual and repetitive tasks on multiple social media platforms. New social media websites are evolving and the amount of social media users is rapidly increasing.
They have developed software programs that replace the need for a social media manager because the programs have the ability to automate manual tasks.
Social media programs can even analyze data in real-time and instantly generate very accurate reports. They understood the frustration and excessive amount of time that was a result of analyzing multiple reports from several different social media management tools. Sprout Social has the ability to easily route questions to the proper company department and to know who is available for immediate answers. They offer a platform that allows social media marketers to increase the presence of their brand and business in the social media world.
Understanding how a business works financially will allow a Social Media Manager to better comprehend what the company’s needs are.
If you will be working as the Social Media Manager on a marketing team, not only will you be managing the social media sites, but you may also need to manage other people. I'm under 25, working in Social Media, and her whole view of the topic is backwards as hell. And second, the fact that she was describing social media as essentially a technology thing (updating Facebook and Twitter), when being really good at social media (communication) is something that takes years of practice to hone, and life experiences that overall help with good judgement and maturity. Without the foundation of strong marketing know how, social media managers fail at bringing results that count. Their job consists of updating posts, finding and posting content and analyzing results from social media activity. The world of social media has gotten so large that it is impossible for one person to manage, organize and analyze marketing activity.
These companies have built platforms that allow several users to participate in social media marketing campaigns.

Tellagence Discover has the ability to inventory social media conversations and match them with needed content by concentrating on conversation topics or themes.
Spreadfast gives employees all of the tools to engage with customers and fans on social media.
Luckily enough, the members social media team for The Red Cross are quick on their fingers and were able to turn what could have been a huge PR disaster into a great fundraiser (with the help of Dogfish Head Craft Brewing). Having a working knowledge of social media along with a financial background actually gives a candidate the advantage of understanding the company from a multi-dimensional standpoint. This job description only includes a very small portion of what a social media manager needs to complete as quickly and accurately as possible.
It can also find and suggest content and relevant stories to post on social media websites before the content is posted by competitors. The program allows companies to check their reputation and multiple profiles across social media websites. Companies can also analyze social media data by viewing extremely detailed reports to decide what works and what does not. These tools help build strong relationships and initiate social activity that will strengthen your brand by attracting the right audience.
The platform also has the ability to interact with social media contacts quickly and efficiently by using a bulk messaging system. Buffer offers a complete solution because they understand that short-cuts are not the answer to social media engagement. It identifies, amplifies and measures social media activity easily and without the hassle of administrative passwords. Tellagence recognizes that communities on social media platforms are constantly changing due to different interests, events and participation time.
Furthermore, it allows your contacts to share those email messages in social media environments.
Gen X was the first generation to grow up with computers in the mainstream, albeit not from birth like the current generation.A better argument is that the pace of advancement is such that generations of people will not be able to rest on the education of their youth and expect to keep up with society. HootSuite is compatible and integrates with the most popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In.
This platform keeps track and analyzes activities of social media users such as when they like, share or click on a company post.

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