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Whether you maintain a blog as a way to market your freelance writing services, as a way to maintain an author presence, or as its own business model, tying your blog to your larger social media presence is vital.
That includes giving blog readers the opportunity to share your posts on their favorite social networks. One way to do both of those things is to feature social media icons somewhere on your blog. Jenn has over 15 years experience writing for others, over 11 years experience in blogging, and 9 years experience in indie e-book publishing.
Anyway, I wanted some mew social media icons to match the new color scheme and while looking around pinterest, I discovered there are some really fun, cute, and creative freebies out there and I just had to share.
Fear not – all the code you need is below, and you can follow through the step by step for how to add cute social media buttons to your site, in the tutorial video. If you need to make your icons smaller so that they will all fit in one row, set the size using width=XXpx where xx might be typically 40-62 pixels, or smaller if you have a narrow sidebar or a lot of icons.
These will go with just about any blog design, and they're clear while not intruding on other design elements. But even then, you can customize by swapping the plugin image files for a different icon set (just make sure you use the same file names).

In case, you know, you have the same problem as me and change your blog all the time and need some fresh material! I have been searching for free and unique social media icons for my new blog and I was thrilled to come across these.
Copy and paste this into your widget and then replace the capital letters with your own social media addresses, the link for your icons and the hover text.
I was struggling all day with adding social media icons to my blog (I’m not techy at all), and then I came upon your site with a google search–your instructions finally did the trick!
They'll work with your blog theme whether you've gone modern, retro, or anywhere in between.
Leave a comment below to show us your favorites, and tell us what you look for in these kinds of blog design elements. I use Social Media Widget by Blink Web Effects in my sidebar and the Share This plugin on my posts. Flat designs like that example are great in that they can be used on pretty much any blog design.
And before you know it, blog prettiness (and practicality), and social media followers can be yours.

I am always so grateful when someone takes the time to share their experience with newer bloggers like me! If you look to the sidebar of the site (near the top), you'll see a separate set of social media icons. And yet they offer that little something extra by moving away from the typical round or square icon shapes. Because internet users are familiar with the icons of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc. And they seem to be popular with social media plugins so you don’t have to choose your own look. When a blogger uses custom buttons or widgets for each network, or they have them spread out with some above the post and some below, that drives me crazy. I’m always surprised by how many blogs still lack basic buttons to let people share their content.

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