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November 11, 2014 By Erik Deckers This is a special guest post written by Hilary Smith, a recent graduate of Medill School of Journalism. As we approach the holiday season, we also come to the end of another amazing year of technology and the continued growth of social media. Entering 2015, we need to pay closer attention to the hottest new trends that are forecasted to affect the Internet, especially authors, bloggers and other online writers. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook naturally serve as great messaging tools, but when integrated with an event promotion strategy, social media can amplify your message and encourage attendee posts before, during, and after the event to create anticipation and buzz. Hilary Smith is a graduate of Medill School of Journalism, and specializes in telecommunications. Don't forget to check out Erik Deckers' book, "Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself" is now available now on Amazon.
If you want it, you also get a FREE BLOG personally set up, feature-loaded, and configured by Brent using his 15 years of blogging experience.
For 10+ years, people have enjoyed my ebooks and received my messages with exclusive online business and blogging tips. One of the most challenging SEO issues small businesses face, including medical and dental practices is achieving good local rankings.

Among the most valuable SEO benefits blogging can provide your business are the backlinks it will bring from other websites. So consider starting a blog and posting relevant and insightful information that your viewers can learn from and share across the web.
The death of Google Authorship can mean the rebirth of other new social media strategies that we can embrace to pump up our readership.
Social media traffic is heavy and it always seems like rush hour, so to get your reader to stop at your piece by giving them something appealing to look a first. One can use social Login to allow users to signup using social media platforms like Facebook and Google plus.
Over 400 big pages packed with tips, tricks, instruction and lessons learned from 15+ of blogging and being online. While many retailers are busy blogging as a way to remain competitive on a local level, a great many doctors and dentists are not. When you're writing and posting regular blog entries, you're giving the search engines what they want while at the same time, providing your targeted audience with information they find useful and informative. Whenever someone reads your blog, they may 'scratch your back' so to speak by commenting on one of your posts and linking to it from their own blog or website.

Your blog is the ideal platform to use for posting fresh content as it will give your readers new information while telling the search engines that you're an active site.
It also allows you to focus on the keywords you want to be ranked for in the 'about' pages of your profiles on your social networks. But when one of them starts blogging regularly, that practice may consistently gain the top spot in the search results to help it edge out the local competition. When you're blogging, you can jump right on any timely news item or event while attracting the attention of the search engines spiders which are always crawling the web to index new information.
Every blog post you create provides the search engines with new information to crawl and index.
Social media gives you the chance to encourage your followers to visit your website and blog, and you can ask them to like your content, comment on it or share it.

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