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We look back at the takeaways from another huge Alabama and Auburn sorority recruitment finales. The University of Alabama and Auburn University set records during Bid Day, the culmination of another sorority recruitment week on each campus.We look at the main takeaways from each rush week finale.
The University of Alabama will no longer release a comprehensive list of pledges, a spokesperson citing "safety" reasons said last week.

Bid Day in Tuscaloosa has become a major cultural and community event, drawning a huge crowd annnually.Whether it's parents, siblings, grandparents, friends or fraternity guys, the spectators almost equal the number of sorority members, creating a bustling atmosphere that even rivals game day at the Capstone.
Bid Day will forever remain a momumental event for the 3,730 women who went through the exhaustive sorority recruitment process, so you can imagine some tears of joy flowed on Friday and Saturday.
Alabama bid day pledges celebrate with their sisters at their houses after receiving their bids, Saturday, Aug.

Neither of the two black students who went through formal recruitment this year were offered a bid to any of UA's 16 sororities that participate in the process, a decision that current sisters say was determined by race.

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