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Finding the best local jobs depends on a number of factors such as the location of your residence and its proximity to the centre of a city, but there are a number of ways to find local jobs regardless of your circumstances. Locating the best available jobs in your area can be as simple as asking local employers about their recruitment situation, checking out local newspapers or just researching online.
If there is a University or large school in the area, you should definitely think about using this as a way to find a job. These types of jobs can be unreliable in terms of regular shifts and flexibility in terms of what hours you can work. Also, local churches and day centres are also places of high activity and it is always possible that there is either work available there or they can give you some sound advice on where to find some.

Luckily, TheLadders' Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Rothenberg, has been busy over the past year or two putting together knowledgeable advice packages with excellent advice on finding your next great job. You'll find great insights on age discrimination, handling the Web and social networks, what happens to your resume when you click "send", negotiating your offer, handling a declining industry and much, much more. It can never hurt to get your name out there and make them aware that you live in close proximity. If you are a student looking for a part-time job, you can ask your your university's student union office, while people looking for something a little more stable and long-term should consider registering with job search agencies. These jobs are usually only offered on a temporary basis and therefore require little responsibility and short notice should you wish to quit for any reason.

Employers are keen on people from the area as it means they are going to get a punctual worker. In other words, the more experienced, talented and educated you are, the longer the job hunt has you sitting on the sidelines, biding your time.

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