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Back in March, Ann wrote an article titled How To Search Multiple Social Media Sites At A Time.
SocialMention allows you to search blogs, microblogs, networks, bookmarks, comments, events, images, news, videos, audio, and questions for a specific term of your choosing.
Just type in your term and hit Search and you will be able to sort the results by date, source, sentiment, keywords, and more. We first covered yoName almost two years ago in an article entitled 3 Ways To Find People With Social Search Engines.
A directory listing of ours,, also known as the social white pages, is a very powerful social network search engine.
When you enter the person’s first and last name who you are searching for and click Search you are taken to a very lengthy page where all of your results are separated by social network. After running a search, social links are broken up by social network, with the top result showing for each website.
Samepoint was also mention in Ann’s article that I mentioned earlier, but it’s social media search is powerful enough to make this list as well.
Samepoint is more geared towards following the conversation around a particular subject, so when you search, your results appear in a stream of content that provides snippets of the conversation, along with the symbol of the social site the convo is taking place on.
If you are signed into Google you can search for a term (just like normal) and click on More search tools off to the left-hand side of the screen.
This is a good way of running a social network search when you are already following the person (or people) you are searching content from. Social search engines are a great way to search across many social networking sites at the same time. Google has recently added a new experimental feature that can make search results much more personal and relevant. One of the easiest things you can do as a social media marketer is to optimize your social media profiles.
Every social network has different image dimensions for cover or background photos, but the reasoning for why we want we want our logo on the images is the same: branding.

One of the easiest ways to activate your brand loyalists on another social platform is to tell them about it. A quick way to fix this problem is to have easy-to-find links to your other social networks within your profile. You can also add links to your social profiles in your Facebook profile contact information by putting a comma and a space after your main website URL. The National Guard added links to all their other social profiles within the Facebook contact information so that users can stay connected with them across the web.
Google+ gives you the ability to link your other social profiles in the About>Links section of the profile. By linking to the other profiles, it will help Google connect the dots between your content and your social accounts. Every social profile doesn't have to have the exact same description, but you should use most of the same keywords.
Rich snippets for Facebook pages are no longer showing up in Google searches, though Yelp and YP continue to have their review stars. They can filter out all the unnecessary results you might get if you used a regular search engine for your query. If you want to be able to gather the results you need without having to search each social network individually, look no further. It also allows you to create alerts for your searches which are sent to your email daily and install a real-time buzz widget on your site. The site provides you with a lot of good information and makes for a very powerful social network search engine. This site’s social search is powered by Google and covers most of the top social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Ning, Vimeo, hi5, and Bebo. Google’s social search feature, which we talked about back in November, offers a way for you to search for content within your own social circle. When more options appear just select Social and your results will be filtered to include only those found in your social circle.

Considering most of these sites only became popular a few years ago I’d say there is definitely room for these social network search engines to grow. I also wrote about social search in a whitepaper about social media optimization, but it just featured Google’s SS.
Even most "die-hard" web 1.0 addicts (who once considered social networking insane) have engaged into social media by now.
It only takes a few minutes to improve a social media profile, and most of the optimizations can be implemented when you first create the account. Simple updates informing fans that you just launched an Instagram account can do the trick, but the time the post sits in the feed (regardless of social network) is ephemeral.
Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+ provide the best opportunities to link to your other social profiles. I highly recommend putting links to your other social profiles here because it will help users easily locate your other official social accounts. You want consistency in how you market your brand to fans, and a social media profile isn't any different. To celebrate our commitment to delivering industry-leading search engine and search marketing news, we're launching Connect - a brand new industry event. He works on AOL's Brand Marketing team, and he helps AOL grows its brands by driving traffic to its sites through social media. Many users were angry about the change, though the company has seen more search share and social activity. In a way these engines remind me of a distributed social experiment with people readily participating.
On the side, Travis writes and tweets about social media strategy and analytics, emerging technology, counterculture, extreme sports, and music.

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