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Hiring can be a tedious process but with these handy tools, social media recruiting can be a piece of cake! A lot of the times, the best candidates are your biggest brand fans; those who follow your social media accounts, and love and engage with your brand. HireRabbit makes it easy to recruit on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Comprising of 130 different industries, and well over 100,000 recruiters, LinkedIn is by far the largest social platform of professionals. Jobvite is the leading social recruiting and applicant tracking system for companies with the highest expectations in recruiting software. Social recruiters are always working on the go – evernote allows you to access all of your notes and resources wherever you are.
Either way, if you are not using social media to network you’re missing out on a fantastic way to find great people, cheap. Leading companies around the world are out there building world class teams through the power of social recruiting and if you want to compete, you need to get on board. If your business comes up on your people’s social media pages (in a positive light, of course) your reputation as a top employer is communicated to their networks, who are suddenly open to you.
By creating a social networking plan and increasing your brand presence, you will begin to attract more and more people following your updates.
By using social media, you can attract a much wider audience than you could normally expect to reach. The typical recruiting incentive is a lump sum, generally in the hundreds of dollars, given at the end of the recruitment process, either after a successful hire or upon completion of probation.

It works best when you think of it as a way to find the leaders of tomorrow and to connect with them while you can still afford to hire them.
Most people are very open about their personal lives on social media sites, so it’s likely that if you have a position available, your people already know someone who’s looking. Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer, adventurer, renegade, social media strategist, and the founder of this blog! Our friends at Jobvite have just announced the results of its annual Social Recruiting Survey.
The report affirms the ROI social recruiting, with 60% of recruiters estimating the value of their social media hires as greater than $20,000 per year, and 20% estimating the value as greater than $90,000 per year. With 9 out of 10 surveyed companies using social media in their recruiting strategy, candidates and companies are now in direct communication, all the time.
1 in 3 recruiters report that social media recruiting improved both the quantity and quality of candidates.
Referrals represent the highest quality source of candidates (64%); social networks and corporate career sites have also jumped in significance (59%).
Referrals are the highest-rated source of new hires, and it’s far easier for employees to share jobs through social networks. Qualified job seekers should note the increasing importance of their total social presence beyond LinkedIn.
The original Undercover Recruiter, after 7 years in tech recruiting Jorgen now runs Link Humans, a social and digital marketing agency in London. Jobvite maximises the reach of your ad via social media, friend and network referrals, and even mobile apps.

You can create to-do-lists, meeting notes, recruiting strategies, notes on candidates during interviews etc.
Our society is designed to facilitate networking, in such a way that great people attend the same schools and end up at the same companies. Now in its sixth year, the Jobvite annual Social Recruiting Survey is the most comprehensive of its kind. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most used channels by recruiters, with an increase in adoption of emerging, specialized and localized social networks including GitHub, Yammer, Stackoverflow, Pinterest and Instagram. A reported 73% of recruiters report they will increase their investment in social networks in 2013, while 62% report they will increase their referral incentives. With Jobvite you can turn your social followers to potential candidates and build relationships. But, for an entry level position or, even better, one that relies on the ability to embrace new technology practices, social media shines.
Social media, on the other hand, will capture their attention because it’s so pervasive and, even better, already a part of their daily lives. The survey was completed in July 2013 by more than 1,600 recruiting and human resources professionals. Social media has opened candidate networks far larger than recruiters have ever used before.

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