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As the Rockets were putting the finishing touches on a five-game series victory against the rival Mavericks, Houston's social media coordinator posted a controversial Twitter message featuring emojis of a pistol aimed at a horse's end with the caption, "Shhhh.
I hope there's another organization out there in need of someone willing to take chances and create engaging social content.

Shanks had helped build a following of more than 681,000 users for the Rockets' Twitter account, and considering the verbal barbs exchanged between the two organizations over the years, the tweet seemed more like a poor attempt at a joke than a fire-able offense, but alas Houston's social media chairperson has lasted only one day longer in the playoffs than the Mavericks team he put on proverbial blast. Naturally, once the Mavericks' social media team responded, "Not very classy but we still wish you guys the best of luck in the next round," the Rockets deleted the original message and issued an apology.

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