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Two of the hardest things to get a handle on in the film industry is how much you can expect to make and where the jobs are.
Thankfully the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is in charge of keeping track of how jobs, money, and people flow into and out of different occupations and industries. The more accurate indicator (for those of us who don’t get invited to the Oscars) is the median average wage which is the number in the exact middle of the spectrum regardless of how high or how low the extremes are.
According to the BLS, California and New York are the states with the most employment of camera operators with both states besting the third state on the list, Florida, by almost double the number of camera operators employed.
If we drill further, we find the best metropolitan areas for camera operator jobs rank as follows: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Houston.
The BLS also does not distinguish between jobs in which a person could embody multiple roles.
That means over three-quarters of working camera ops are gainfully employed by some type of entity be it a production company, a corporation with internal video production, places like venues that keep event staff on payroll, or another situation that keeps them on payroll. 7 Difficulties Friends and Family Have With Your Film JobThe freelance lifestyle is a tough sell to your friends and family who are used to traditional types of jobs. You will find that you actually do have a job network, and that your network is much more powerful than you ever thought. All the connections in the world will not help you find a job if nobody knows that you need one. For example, if a baking company is committed to landing five new clients, all in the $10,500 to $17,000 range per event, the following are some of the questions they probably will ask, and the probable follow through in the in order of what works least to what works best. This may or may not be at the top of your mind when you're thinking about the best place to move to: the chances of Mother Nature coming after you just as soon as you're settled.

Tornadoes and earthquakes aside, perhaps you just want to find the cities with the most pleasant weather year-round.
To get a more personal look, you'd probably want to find out where the jobs are for your given line of work. ISEBOX – a Start Up making Storing and Controlling your Media from the Cloud painless. It takes a unique type of person to hunt out the best places to dine, dance and relax in a city the size of New York. For those with their finger on the pulse of the social media community, the perfect position may be waiting for them at Likeable Media, voted one of the best companies to work for in New York City, by Crain’s New York Business. In this case, it’s helpful to compare what camera operators make against others in the film, television, and media industries as well as against the average wages for all occupations in the US economy. In fact, of the top 10 cities with the highest annual mean wage for camera operators, LA is the only one that breaks the 1,000 jobs barrier.
You know, the kind of jobs where you wear a suit and tie, shave every morning, smile at the boss, and, well, earn a steady paycheck.
Ask what skills are most in demand, where the industry is headed, and where the jobs will be. We've highlighted a Money Rates analysis of the 10 hardest and 10 best states to make a living here (based on average salary, cost of living, employment rate, and workplace conditions). Constant Contact’s exciting product line and team for emerging businesses is their newest endeavor to offer innovative growth tools to small and medium sized businesses.
The bad news is that, compared to some other common production jobs, we’re lower on the scale.

These are complicated questions with many variables to consider, so today we're taking a look at tips on finding the right neighborhood (or city or state) for you, and maps and statistics that might reveal why some areas would be more or less attractive than others for you. The key is to check out not just one of these information points, but all of them together to pick the best place to live. This comes in handy when you need to decide whether or not to move to a new city to look for a job or are just exploring your options for the next place you should live. For those looking for more specific guidelines, you could look at the by-area data or the average wage for just those in the particular industry you plan to work within.
Most people get employed by using social media and if you want to get hired fast or find your next employer it's most likely you will do this through the Internet, social media and or through networking. This growing facet is geared toward finding the hottest new businesses in local areas and connecting them with their vast audience with superior offers. This company is quickly becoming the go-to place to find vetted professionals to get a project done on schedule. Subscribe to our Media Jobs Market Update to receive daily emails with the most recent positions matching your search.

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