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The directing hand that guides the mission for every new project and product is the advertising, promotions and marketing manager. Print is losing much of its clout in the marketing industry, but the proliferation of the internet facilitates the need for attractive digital advertising. The traditional writer has a niche in marketing, developing scripts for radio and TV ads or text for print. McDougall broke into online marketing in the mid-1990s when giving clients a demonstration meant “plugging in a phone line and hearing that crazy start-up sound,” he says.
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A marketing film and video editor has played a role in every commercial, both forgettable and iconic.
Thus, a meeting, convention and event planner has a particularly nuanced role in the marketing world. But in the move to more online marketing, McDougall says “quality writing [with] SEO and back-linking” knowledge are vital.
He has seen the shift to web-based marketing grow exponentially, and with it the demand for a wide array of skills. Event planners in advertising often are responsible for a wide range of gatherings, including hosting a launch party for a new product, overseeing a product’s sponsorship within another event (sports marketing is large and growing) and managing the multitude of conferences and conventions within every industry.
The staggering sums of money being spent in marketing and advertising are an investment in even higher returns.

He has seen the shift to web-based marketing grow exponentially, and with it the demand for a wide array of skills.“The biggest thing I tell interns is to pick a category and figure how to do it really well,” he says.
Sales reps are the necessary mediators who build and maintain the relationships between media companies, ad agencies and clients, and can earn an average annual salary of $45,350.At a higher level, advertising, promotions and marketing managers typically oversee the entire project, both on the business and creative ends. It’s a demanding career path, but one well worth its place among the best advertising and marketing jobs.In print, online and film, graphic designers have an integral place in the industry. Everything from image placement to font is the responsibility of the graphic designer, who earns an average annual salary of $43,500.When deciding the best tactics needed to reach consumers, the market research analyst takes the lead and is one of the highest growth professions in the country, expected to expand 41% by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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