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Give your students the discussion questions about jobs and employment, and ask them to discuss them in small groups. But we're still waiting for the killer infographic that lets us know both what jobs are hot, plentiful, and fast-growing in a single, awesome IGOTD. If you are out of a job, however, try considering some of these jobs that seem to thrive even during tough times.

Although everyone and every industry is hit hard with job losses and cutbacks, these types of jobs seem to hover just a little bit above the rest.
The 200 jobs were selected for their relevance in the current labor market as well as the availability of reliable data. In an era of layoffs, anxious employees, and cutbacks that often reduce back-office functions like HR, he says, he often hears HR managers complaining about the stresses of their jobs.

With oil prices trending high, hiring for energy jobs is robust, while the ongoing slump in new housing construction has depressed demand for lumber and thus for lumberjacks, says Mr.

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