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Like any good business practice, participation in social media must be measured in order to gauge its effectiveness. There are plenty of social media numbers that can be tracked and there’s no shortage of services claiming to be the definitive answer to your measurement questions.
Quickly becoming accepted as the industry standard for measuring influence in the social media community, Klout provides its users simple, easy to read scores. TweetReach is a simple tool that displays how many people have seen your previous 50 Tweets, what types of messages they were and who is creating the most impressions for you. Sprout Social is a social media dashboard that puts all of your social media activity in one simple interface.

In general, dashboards enable you to monitor and interact with a variety of outlets simultaneously. Sprout Social has also integrated statistics, displaying engagement, influence, follower demographics, clickthroughs and a host of additional strategic information.
You can also use Sprout Social to update your social media status across a number of different social media outposts – all at the same time. Wherever there’s a conversation about your business across the web, use an application like Sprout Social to monitor and manage it all in one place.
Beyond that anchor number, Klout breaks down your social media presence into dozens of specific stats that attempt to answer why and how you accumulated your overall influence score.

Here you’ll see exactly who is generating exposure for you when they pass your information on to their followers.

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