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For anyone studying human resources and getting a human resources MBA, there are many areas to choose from when it comes to careers. If you’re good at HR and you want to make enough money for a vacation home—and perhaps a boat—the human resources executive track is the best job for you. Be it a headhunting firm, employee placement company, HR consulting firm, or a professional employer organization (PEO), which takes on the role of an outsourced HR department for a company, launching a successful HR company can be a golden ticket in terms of career choices. To help you figure out the best IT career path for your personality, we’ve divided some of the top jobs in IT into two categories: those that are best suited for extroverts and those that are better for introverts. Listed below are the 10 most extroverted and 10 most introverted careers in the IT industry.
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You can stay a generalist and climb the career ladder into a management role, or you can distill the aspects of the career you like best—teaching people, negotiating, the technical aspects, etc.—and become a niche specialist.
They are the best jobs in human resources because of job satisfaction, career potential, variety, freedom, monetary compensation and more. Anyone with a bent for software or hardware and an interest in human resources can combine their skills to become an HR IT specialist, and enjoy the career rewards that come with it, including being sought after and more often than not paid well.
A survey conducted earlier this year by CareerBuilder, for example, found that half of employers are concerned about the shortage of IT skills at their organizations, up from 48 percent who reported the same in 2010. With dozens of career paths in information technology – from programming and engineering jobs, to support and technician roles – it can be tough to determine which specialization is the right fit.
Boredom is not the operative term for this unique and exciting human resources career path.

If you like standing up in front of people and helping them learn and improve their lives, this career path is a very fulfilling one.
With 10-20 years’ worth of experience and a proven track record of human resources success, the HR executive can have a satisfying and, above all, well-paying career.

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