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I have been aware of the benefits of social media for a while now and have used this blog as a pulpit and soapbox to shout from this digital hilltop. The Harvard Business Review Analytics Services recently conducted a survey of 2,100 organisations and discovered that 79% are currently using social media channels. The challenge is to not let the fear of this unknown overwhelm the benefits that the social media revolution can provide to an organisation.
The unique relationship that is generated between consumers and brand over social media is the key point for me.

Social media for business is not all about marketing – at the same time it’s about interacting with your customers and fans and actually speaking with them directly. I have personally experienced the power of this new media to accelerate brand awareness and to spread my stories.
I don’t know of any other media that could achieve that in less than 2 years without spending a cent in traditional advertising or marketing dollars.
They also asked them what they saw as the benefits of social media and here are the results and feedback from the real world.

Social media is one of the effective way of the gaining traffic and advertising our business.
It is all about crowd sourcing the sharing of your brand and content so it is amplified by social networks.

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