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Here’s a closer examination of these 9 social media marketing benefits to help you better exploit your social media with these actionable marketing tactics. While social media marketing is more likely to yield business partnerships for B2B marketers than B2C marketers based on the research, underestimate this benefit at your peril. Remember in today’s social media connected world chances are that your business contacts and future employees are following your activity as well as that of your employees on social media. Instead marketers should measure improved return on each marketing dollar invested in social media. This means that marketers must become better at capitalizing on each social media interaction. Change your thinking from increased interaction to more effective interaction, even if this means additional resources are needed for better quality content or supporting social media advertising.
While sales should be higher on this list of benefits, the bottom line is that it’s difficult to attribute revenues back to each piece of marketing touched.
Yet in today’s multi-platform, multi-device world, the reality is that multiple pieces of marketing contribute to a purchase.
Appreciate that social media helps drive benefits for your organization across 9 different categories. Tags 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Chart, Research, Social Media Benefits, Social Media Examiner, Social media marketing, tip.
The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. This April 2010 social media marketing report ‘How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses’ by social media examiner is well worth sharing with your colleagues. Some brands and businesses feel pressure to push sales immediately with social media, and the results can be disappointing at times.
According to a new report by the Social Media Examiner, the top benefits of social media marketing are increased exposure (89%) and increased traffic (75%) for a business.

Another consideration is that many businesses, corporations and marketers cannot adequately measure the impact and return on social media marketing with their web analytics process.
Webintel Marketing and web design tips - This entry was posted in Industry News and tagged business, marketing, social media. It seems social media is not a fad anymore and year over year marketers are getting the more and more consicuous about it. Nada mejor que una buena inforgrafia para sacar conclusiones de un tema tan importante como el ROI en medios sociales. Me quedo con el dato de que el trafico dirigido al website es el KPI mas medido, lo cual demuestra que se sigue sin entender el Social media, pues esto indica mucho contenido branded y links sobre la marca y poca conversacion :-).
Si te ha interesado esta infographics sobre el ROI en social media, te interesara echarle un vistazo a esta otra infographics sobre el crecimiento de los medios sociales en el ultimo year. Es interesante ver como divide las metricas segun formatos como Rich media, banner, video, etc y como empieza a ganar terreno las acciones de compartir en redes sociales como KPI’s que podemos incorporar a nuestro sistema de medicion de exito de campanas. Incorporate your 360° brand into every interaction you make on social media to support your image. Make targeted offers and special content only on social media so that your customers will want to be associated with you there. Understand that social media is part of the sales process but not necessarily the entire thing. Every planned piece of content and communication posted on a social media platform should be optimized for search, especially since social media interactions show up on search engine results pages (or SERPs).
Distribute it to everyone involved in social media marketing and related teams such as your web team. Assume that the executives and sales team are looking at your presence and your employees’ presence on social media at a minimum to gain insights to help their business relations.
The reality is that, while some social media platforms may be free to use, they were NEVER free since they required employee effort and other resources.

This means employee time (across disciplines such as marketing, creative and technology), resources and outsourced support.
Encourage social media followers to take the next step such as signing up for emails or looking at product on your website. The 1898 respondents were mainly from the US, aged 40-49 as a median, 60% female, 57% in B2B and 43% B2C. Social media is not the best channel for driving direct sales, although it’s benefits to an integrated marketing and sales marketing campaign are real and highly valuable. Ironpaper integrates design, technology and marketing for the web to drive meaningful results for clients. It shows how social media is evolving and going beyond a simple cnew channel to reach new prospects.
Me gusto mucho, destacando la importancia que esta adquiriendo la demanda de formacion en social media marketing.
Understand that customers trust other customers more than they trust your marketing communications.
This report helps clarify the perceptions of social media usage in marketing, but it should be pointed out that each individual organization polled practices their craft differently. In adition to this, Video marketing gathers a lot intereset but I stil think images are even more key in social media. Despues de ver como esta metrica ha ido a la baja, y que el CPM es una medida poco efectiva, empezamos a familiarizarnos mas con otros conceptos como ROI, interacciones, etc.
Social media, when integrated into a larger campaign and connected to other channels, can be remarkably successful for driving leads, building brand value and affecting sales.

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