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The benefits of the relationship were clear: Starbucks’ loyal coffee drinkers moonlit as online music consumers, helping lead to higher sales, stronger brand identification, and an increase in market share.
No matter what aspect of a marketing career you are hoping to pursue, it’s likely to involve social media in some capacity. Horizontal marketing approaches require a keen business eye to identify how these partnerships can be struck with other companies and what benefits can be brought to the table in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, sales, and even distribution. Social media websites such as LinkedIn are ideal forums in which to establish business relationships with possible business partners.

A school that offers programs in horizontal marketing concepts can provide students with the knowledge and the experience they need to think critically, seek out these partnerships, and assemble strategies that work in rolling out a new product created jointly. But in 2007, the two juggernaut companies formed a partnership that would mutually benefit them both, introducing new products and services into an exciting, non-caffeine-induced stratosphere of possibilities. Both companies should benefit by being able to offer a wider range of services and by pleasing clients who might otherwise have felt a need to go elsewhere. This graph shows the growing reach of social media and how it can impact your horizontal marketing efforts.

Horizontal marketing efforts benefit customers by exposing them to new products they aren’t aware of and that fit their personal interests.

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