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I don’t have a site to add, but your colorful list reminded me of Pininterest, a site I had never heard of before this lab assignment. While Twitter can boast of only a fraction of the monthly active users of Facebook, it’s still a very effective resource and a site every company should seek to be represented on.
While the sites listed above are the most important, dozens of others are available to you. When it comes to attracting more patients online, whether you are an ophthalmologist, dentist, or physician, your practice is always in constant competition with other medical professionals in your locality. The Pew Research Center recently released Social Media Update 2014—its latest survey of social media demographics and usage. The 18-page report analyzes popular social network platforms, and breaks down usage across different demographics.
The report provides plenty of insight for marketers to update their social media targeting. About MAVRCKAt MAVRCK, we believe brands need to be more human, and leverage their most influential customers to drive sales, especially on social media.

By focusing on influential customers who engage a high percentage of their friends around a brand's relevant topics or keywords, MAVRCK powers premier consumer brands with the most effective platform for driving sales on social networks. Thankfully, many websites, directories, and social networking platforms are completely free for anyone to use.
Park View Legal’s Crunchbase page is a good example of how a company can best utilize this networking site. It allows you to showcase your products and encourage social sharing far beyond what was previously possible.
That will enable you to show up high in the search rankings, enhance your credibility, and allow for social reviews and ratings. Each website, directory, and social networking site is like a parcel of land or building on the map. There are a number of social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest you can use to market your practice online.
Johnson to identify and activate their most influential customers across social networks on-demand and at scale.

As the first assignment in class, I asked students to develop a list of social media sites. Obviously, there was more to this assignment than just generating a list of sites (such as explaining the business value of those they identified). SEO is usually comprised of some key elements to ensure that the search engines highly rank your site for relevant keyword searches. For those reading this post, I am curious what sites you would include that I have overlooked (or what sites I have included that you think don’t belong).

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