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Bankers in France are increasingly looking to move to jobs in London, lifting the overall number of candidates for financial roles in the capital, according to new figures.
Without massive bonuses, bankers can still make money – but not enough money to retire early. Bank of America investment bankers are already looking for jobs elsewhere lately, according to Bloomberg. Click Image to EnlargeHeuichul KimJoshua Persky, financial engineer currently unemployed, looking for job on Park Avenue and 50th Street, New York.

He will stay in New York, get a sublet, and continue to look for a job if this week's ploy doesn't pan out. But several thousand students do still want banking and financial services jobs, and they need to know that things have changed – both for the better and for the worse.
The new watchword for banking careers is therefore resilience – even if you are pulling three all-nighters a week. But instead of an answer, headlines declared that Bank of America should declare bankruptcy, that JPMorgan was buying BofA, and other rumors, demonstrating both the need for and lack of a clear message coming out of BofA.

Besides graduating from MIT, he most recently worked as an investment banking consultant for Houlihan Lokey.
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