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Just because your brand focuses on B2B transactions doesn’t mean your content should be dry and over saturated with tech lingo.
Document your content marketing strategy so as to achieve alignment across departments and over time. Webintel Marketing and web design tips - This entry was posted in Knowledge Base and tagged B2B, digital marketing, lead generation, SEO.
As marketers are tasked with the challenge of doing less with more, there's an increasing demand to quantify the value of social media. Create 4-8 total social media goals that cascade from Scope business goals and align with the Mission. Consider using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) strategic planning method when trying to determine the focus and number of goals. To help select tactics, chart and score how different social channels can serve your goals. Limit the list of metrics featured on your strategic planning map to the 2-5 that provide the greatest value.

Only 20 percent of marketers are planning social media goals before tactics, so this is a huge opportunity for you to jump forward! Angie is an inbound marketing thought leader skilled at creating magnetic content optimized for search, social, conversion and mobile. This social media marketing planning template contains an outline strategy for your social media marketing. Your content strategy must start with your own unique voice and tone, which can be applied on an individual basis or across the company. Social media marketing can be especially effective for building a loyal following and promoting newly created content for enterprises. Here's a guide to mapping a social media strategy with meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) that align to business objectives for tangible measurement! Before diving into tactics, you need to define social media goals that align with business objectives. Map the letter ID of the corresponding business goals to each of the social media goals for quick visual understanding of alignment.

The latter two perspectives are often forgotten; yet planning time for training, operations, and policy documentation is imperative, especially for social media. She has more than 13 years' multichannel B2B and B2C experience in both agency and corporation settings leading marketing, IT, and cross-functional projects to successful fruition. Many users were angry about the change, though the company has seen more search share and social activity. It's time to ground your social media initiatives with a strategic plan that makes measurement clear and easy.
Angie is best known for her expertise in mobile and emerging technologies across the convergence of search and social marketing and is a strong, vocal advocate for white hat SEO.

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