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Air hostess jobs, officially called flight attendants or cabin crew, are most commonly filled by women but more and more men are also fulfilling the role of the traditional air hostess. Working on shift as a team member carrying out a variety of tasks primarily associated with the trip support of services for Private and charter operators in the Corporate Aviation market. Its contribution to UK employment is 961,000 jobs (3.3% of the UK total), with airports and ground services contributing 433,000 jobs, aerospace 327,000 jobs and airlines 200,000 jobs. Aviation Job Search help make the dream become reality by offering key roles throughout the business.

Universal Aviation currently has an opening for an Operations Coordinator in our (EOC) European Operations Department based in Stansted Airport. It shows that aviation provides substantial economic benefits to the UK economy and its citizens, some of which are unique and essential to the operation of a modern economy. Our sector is a significant asset to UK plc, whether you measure the contribution in terms of GDP, jobs or overall tax-take. We understand that we have a responsibility to grow sustainably and we are working hard to provide a cleaner, quieter and smarter offering through reducing carbon and noise emissions and developing game-changing technologies such as sustainable aviation fuels.

Add to that the part that it plays in helping other sections of the economy to grow and in connecting UK companies to new and exciting markets at home and overseas and it is easy to see that aviation is a major force for good that can be relied on to play a growing role in the economic recovery.

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