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The ASPCA offers generous benefit packages for full-time employees, including medical, dental, vision, 401(k), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Tuition Assistance Program, training seminars, EAP, vacation, sick, personal & company holiday time off. While not traveling and training, the LVT educator works in all 5 boroughs of New York City, on mobile clinics and in stationary and MASH clinics. There are many ASPCA jobs available, with positions ranging from administrative assistants to veterinarians.
To find out which ASPCA jobs are currently available, visit the jobs page on the ASPCA website. Client Services: Client services associates work schedule pet appointments and deal with the general public at the ASPCA's animal hospitals. Animal Care Technicians: Animal care technicians care for animals kept at the ASPCA's veterinary hospital.
There are many other ASPCA jobs available at various locations, particularly the New York City location. The ASPCA is a leading non profit organization and offers a comprehensive benefits package to full time employees.
Not to be outdone by retail's annual Black Friday, the ASPCA is offering deep discounts on fees for qualified adopters. Like the stores, the ASPCA's adoption center on the Upper East Side has extended its hours for the big day.

Oregon Humane Society specialists will put their disaster relief training to the test this week in New York at a newly opened emergency shelter for pets.
The facility was set up in Brooklyn in a 20,000-square-foot vacant warehouse, something that's hard to find in New York City. Fielder said her team, which responded to a nationwide appeal for help from the ASPCA, is prepared to do anything. If you love animals and want to work at a great non profit organization, a job with this important nonprofit organization may be right for you. Back in 1866, Henry Bergh, a prominent New York City man, fought for what he called the "mute servants of mankind" and against the terrible conditions animals faced. These include marketing positions to help the ASPCA raise awareness, communicate issues to the general public, and promote their services.
Benefits of working for the ASPA include medical, dental and vision insurance as well as short and long term disability insurance, 401 K programs, vacation and sick time, and tuition assistance. Their experience in New York could come in handy in Oregon one day in the event of a disaster. The ASPCA is offering emergency care for a month, though Fielder said the facility may stay open longer if necessary.
A high school diploma is required and the ASPCA recommends that applicants have a special animal care technician certificate from a reputable institution, as well as some experience at a veterinary hospital.

You must have a New York State Veterinary Technician License to work as a veterinary technician at the ASPCA. Information technology specialists work on the computer networks and other technology systems that maintain information, websites and more for the ASPCA.
Salaries are competitive with similar organizations in the Illinois and New York City areas. ASPCA jobs offer animals lover the chance to use their skills to better the condition of animals. But the animal relief operation in New York City is one of the largest of its kind, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Today, the ASPCA serves animals in three ways: caring for pets, helping at-risk animals find homes, and treating the victims of animal cruelty.
Even if you don't have a veterinary certificate or license, you may still be able to apply for ASPCA jobs.
Working at the ASPCA is like working at any major nonprofit and comes complete with excellent benefits and competitive salaries.

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