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Kiplinger does this work for jobseekers each year, looking at 10-year employment projections, education requirements and income figures from the U.S. This year, Kiplinger also factored in a job’s stress level, as measured by the BLS and analyzed by career expert Laurence Shatkin. Read on for details on the Best 10 Jobs of the Future, ranked in relative order of job growth and salary range.
Market research analysts are needed to help companies improve their relationships with clients, for instance, and perform other data-centric tasks. The work of a dental hygienist requires less training than that of a dentist and some other posts in health care, she adds. The median salary for a dental hygienist is more than double that of an assistant, according to the BLS.

These dynamics also are likely to push demand for occupational therapists up 29% over the next decade. These professionals, also referred to as management analysts, aim to help businesses boost efficiency, cut costs and raise profits. With the increase in digital threats, organizations are looking for protection of their information, especially those working in health care and finance. Kiplinger says the proliferation of mobile devices has caused a boom in the need for new applications.
Demographics and technology are colliding, which has boosted the demand for a wide variety of health-care professionals.
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