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The term ‘going viral’ belongs to social media and is the Holy Grail when ‘talking up’ your brand, product or project.
To read how you can make Social Work for your business – click here to read the full 4-page article online. The most common question that we get asked in the hospitality industry is why I should be concerned about social media and how will I benefit from the social media elements. A quick follow-up to these questions is of course, how should I go about optimizing for social media and measure the ROI. Here are the top reasons why every business interested in internet marketing should be looking at Social Media.
Social Media is the fastest growing category of Internet Marketing in terms of attracting new users. Social Media allows you to establish a relationship with your customer like no other media has previously allowed.
Social Media offers an opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert in your market. Last but not the least, social media optimization is the next generation of Internet Marketing. Now, that we have made a strong case of why you should be investing in Social Media, the obvious question that pops up is how I should go about doing social media optimization. This section of the white paper discusses various social media strategies that can be adopted by hotels.
These strategies would work well for hotels who currently do not have a social media strategy and want to dabble in social media without a significant investment.
For hotels that have already dabbled in the starter strategies for Social Media and have seen reasonable success through those strategies, you can take the more aggressive strategies and delve deeper into the social media world. Use this link below to check out how to conduct advanced social media optimization across multiple social media channels.

Milestone recently launched a Social Media monitoring tool eBuzz Connect which tracks how much buzz you have in the social media channels. A secondary measure of the ROI and effectiveness of your social media strategies is to look at the impact of social media optimization on your search engine results. Several, Social Media naysayers will argue that until the actual return can be determined, the channel may not be effective.
If you are engaged in social media marketing, it is important to measure your rate of return on investment otherwise abbreviated as ROI. According to Offerpop, here are top tools you can use to measure your social media marketing performance.
One of the most-important part of measuring your social media ROI is to determine whether the reactions are negative or positive (remember ROI does not have to be measured in monetary terms alone). Virtue SRM: This tool is dedicated to managing and getting insight on your social media accounts. ContextOptional: This tool offers both social media moderation console and social reportage console for Facebook.
In the last few years many people across the world have joined various social media websites to either express their opinions or to stay in touch with friends and family. Almost all major musicians, artists and celebrities promote their art through social media today and also it is easy for them to directly interact with fans. Sometimes in social media marketing there are many people talking about the features and message of the brand. Social Media Marketing is a small part of the overall marketing plan and it is very difficult to market anything only with the help of social media marketing. There is both positive as well as negative side of social media marketing, but it is an important part of marketing strategies today.
So if you have decided to intensify your social media marketing strategies, you might as well gather some tools you would be using to measure how well you are performing.

Many internet users today have accounts on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. It is a sort of word of mouth marketing where people spread information of the business on social networks. Social media is where we find the majority of people hanging out these days, where users share news, photos and gossip with friends and colleagues. In the past couple of years we have seen huge growth in social media campaigns, from some of the largest global brands to some of the very clever smaller companies too. Using social media to advertise market products, services, individuals, brands or even social causes is called social media marketing. Moreover if a negative comment is made on a product or brand and many people build on that comment, it can lead to failure of the product as the negative sentiment can spread fast on social networking sites. However, the idea that social media marketing can be achieved by tinkering for a few hours online is entirely false. This has already led to a new service offering called reputation management and is changing how the public and media relationship works. While it is easy for individuals to engage, making social media work for business requires knowledge, skill and insight. Social media is the public space and for companies wanting to leverage this new market, real expertise is needed.

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