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A Harvard doctoral student has created a color-coded map of almost all the jobs in America and it shows Syracuse as having broad swaths of jobs in education, health care and government. The Syracuse map shows broad swaths of green dots on the city's east side, which represent jobs in education, health care and government. The map allows you to compare jobs in Syracuse to those in other cities across the country. The state's biggest loser in the job growth was Watertown-Fort Drum, where they lost 400 jobs over the year. The region added 2,800 private sector jobs and 3,000 total nonfarm jobs over the year, according to the data. Buffalo-Niagara Falls was the region that grew the most jobs over the year, with an increase of 2.8 percent, or 13,100 private sector jobs.

New York, which makes up about 6.5 percent of the nation's jobs, accounted for 12 percent of private sector job growth nationally, the Labor Department said. Professional and business services lost 200 jobs, and the financial and information sectors each lost 100. Search for arrests by Syracuse and Central New York law enforcement agencies and New York State Police. Islands of red dots, representing manufacturing and trade jobs, are located on the west side. Watertown-Fort Drum experienced the biggest percentage loss, 1.3 percent,with a decline of 400 jobs.
Manufacturing, which has been a drag on the area's job growth for the past several years, lost 700 jobs compared with December of 2012.

Small sections of blue, representing professional services, are focused mainly in the downtown area and out toward East Syracuse. Unemployment rates for counties and metropolitan areas outside of New York City will be released Tuesday. The area around the Destiny USA mall is bathed in yellow dots, representing jobs in retail, hospitality and other services. Another big gainer was the leisure and hospitality sector, which saw an increase of 800 jobs.

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