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The resume that got you in the door for jobs before graduation probably isn't adequate for applying for jobs in your chosen field, where employers are looking for a relevant education and work history. Writing a resume that gets you an interview for your first important job after college is crucial to your early success.If you're a typical recent graduate, your resume probably is crowded with recent work history that isn't relevant to a career in your chosen field.
Service-sector jobs typically available to college students can actually count against you as work experience in a specialized field such as engineering.
Don't be afraid to leave those temporary and part-time jobs unmentioned when you're writing a resume if they're not relevant to the positions you're seeking.An exception to this rule would be any job you held during a break in classes. Prospective employers are generally looking for consistent employment in your past, and unexplained gaps in your history can raise a red flag when they're considering you for an interview.

College is a perfectly acceptable explanation for blank spaces in your employment record, but you should be careful to explain any gaps in your education that last longer than a month.Without part-time and casual employment cluttering your resume, you're free to focus on your strengths.
Graduating your program with honors is an accomplishment in itself, and it's worth letting prospective employers know about it.Still another thing to consider in writing a resume is reporting any unpaid work you've done. Ironically, while your hiring manager probably won't be impressed with your undergraduate record of odd jobs, internships and charity work can count as major bonuses on a resume. If you served an internship, or an alternative to internship, it was likely related to your major and therefore highly relevant to the job for which you're applying now. Charity work, while it may not bear directly on your specific qualifications, speaks to a future employer of your character and your willingness to sacrifice for others.

Don't forget to include your measurable accomplishments in these areas, as they point directly to your successes.Applying for work after graduation is arguably the most important early step in your career.

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