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The Embassy of Italy in Islamabad announces 1 (one only) vacancy for the post of Administrative Assistant (Accountability & Secretarial Services).
Candidates will be selected on the basis of a written translation - without dictionary support - of a working document from Italian to English Applicants will also take part in oral tests and personal interview, both in the Italian and English Language. Unilever Job Vacancies In United Kingdom 2015 - Unilever is one of the fast growing company in the world.
To develop quality products and employees of Unilever, 2015 will open new jobs for fresh graduates and professionals.

In the Italian food market Unilever comes with alcunitra famous brand: Lipton, Knorr, Calve, Algida, Magnum, Carte d'Or.
Unilever Job vacancies available in London UK and Italy for Graduates & Undergraduate 2015.
Our presence in Italy is historically associated with the two brands, Omo and Gradina: the first synthetic detergent and margarine first table offered to consumers. So do not rule out the possibility of you who live in Italy or UK can work Businesses in ASEAN region such as Unilever Indonesia, Thailand Unilever, Unilever Singapore.
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