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But even today, a means of transportation that we take for granted is forbidden in many countries, and in the western world female cycling is just a shadow of what is considered to be a male sport. One of the ways to do this is by creating an event to present to I want a wheel and then spreading the word.
Share Even in this digital era, the best way to communicate is by word of mouth.

Music producer and basketball player, she enjoys coordinating projects of talented people in the art and existential worlds.
He studies cinema production at the Scuola Civica of Milan and, after several freelance experiences, he arrives in Gamera.
She moves to Milan where, along with Valentina Moiraghi, she founds Gamera: a bet that in a few years grows and becomes a lively reality in the world of production company.

He cultivates his senses by looking out the window, cooking for friends, listening to old and new vinyls, smelling the world, touching everything except fire.

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