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Once an Amtrak customer, LaToya is now a utility worker for the company in Washington, D.C. In addition to leadership and punctuality, LaToya says safety is also another military skill that Amtrak values. Amtrak is the nation’s passenger railroad, serving more than 31 million passengers annually and 500 destinations nationwide. I recently had an opportunity to represent Amtrak at the 12th Annual National Latina Style Inc. Raphael Hernandez is a Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Amtrak and is based in Washington D.C. Amtrak has a long history of providing career opportunities to veterans as well as active military members.

As a member of the Talent Acquisition Team Barbara filled vacancies in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Washington, DC, Nevada, North Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and California.
I just wanted to personally thank Barbara for all of her guidance, support and leadership in my to-date short tenure at Amtrak.
We have a team of dedicated recruiters who will work with you to understand your military skills experience and training to find career opportunities that best align with your capabilities. We proudly support local and national veteran outreach organizations to help United States Veterans find a secure and stable career at Amtrak. Because so many of our employees have served our country in the armed forces, you will feel comfortable and welcome as you transition to the Amtrak team. John is currently pursuing his Bachelor Degree in Media Arts and Animation form the Art Institute of Washington.

Your ability to adapt to a dynamic environment, your dedication and focus to safety and your experience gained while on military duty directly relates to a variety of operational and non-operational career opportunities at Amtrak. In a career that spanned 24 years in the armed forces, he served as chief at the Joint Information Operations Warfare Command and area desk officer at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Amtrak does this by supporting the development of people and by working closely with organizations such as Latina Style Inc. It was inspiring that a number of audience members approached us after the panel to get to know us and learn about how they could pursue a career with Amtrak.

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