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Friends, here’s a set of 20 popular social media icons in two different sizes including retina-ready.
This is perhaps the most obvious suggestion of the 5, but sharing content from your friends and industry leaders on social media is a great way to find content for your own page.
I like the above social media mixture of logos and would love to use it on my web page to advertise my Social Media ad business.
You’ve already posted your latest coupon, used up all of your employee photos and plugged your latest special.
What I like about it so much is that it allows you to find content based on a specific set of keywords that you enter; it learns what you like based on what you click.

At Above the Fold we have found that finding content to share has turned into an opportunity to learn about industry trends and keep our finger on the pulse of the constantly growing and changing social media and digital marketing fields. In all the years since, I've been coaching people through various creative projects, speaking at conferences and events, and working with people and companies to turn their ideas into realities. We’ve all had it ingrained since the stone ages of social media (which happens to be 2007) that we need to share content regularly. You can even link up your social media accounts and display updates in the Flipboard format; it will make you view your Twitter feed in a totally different light!
Plus, in the case of twitter, each time you retweet and mention someone, all of their fans and followers can see your post.

So, while my friends are sitting around Candy Crush-ing, I’m learning cool stuff about gadgets, social media, cooking and electronic music.

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