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WORKING ON A CRUISE SHIP Learn about cruise line employment, both ship- and land-based jobs in the U.S. The growth of specialist cruises and trend for in-house spas are two reasons for the rise in popularity.
Speaking of unpredictable worlds, safety precautions have always been part of shipping lore. If you want to witness the working life at sea before you bite, there's always a cargo cruise. Cruise Ship Positions Cruise Ship Positions Land a coveted position on group A cruise ship.
Carnival Fascination is a spectacular cruise ship that sails through the Bahamas and Eastern Carribean.
Cruise Lines hire - entertainment specialists, dependable employees, seasonal and year-round workers, people that know how to get hired and staff looking for comparable wages. The cruise business is on the up and up, with new routes, ships and style concepts constantly appearing.

And then therae's the more sobering point that in an increasingly unpredictable world ship routes are easier and cheaper to change than airborne ones.
On these trips - which can work out much cheaper than an ordinary cruise trip -you are second fiddle to the cargo (hence the name) but still travel in comfort. Furthermore, cruise lines hire people to work in their corporate offices and for land-based jobs too. New cruise crew will have to know all about safety before they step on a ship, so be prepared to take on this training if you are considering a job on the high seas. A study in 2002 by War on Want and the ITWF, called 'What it's Really Like to Work On Board Cruise Ships', reported many instances of bad conditions for workers - cramped living quarters, questionable sanitation, overlong hours, bad pay, autocratic management.
There are many freighters which will take passengers - contact an agent such as Strand Voyages or Freighter World Cruises for more information. Whether you're interested in catering, entertainment or the actual sailing of the ship, the internet is a good place to start researching. There are sites devoted specifically to cruise ship job vacancies where cruise lines will post staff requirements.

Nonetheless, if you are considering a job on a particular ship, it is well worth talking to people who are already working on board if you can. Carnival cruise line employs at the moment about 3,500 people on shore - the majority at corporate headquarters in Miami - and offers 28,000 jobs on its cruise ships. The jobs and their description rich person been listed indium point below: 1)Activity and Entertainment- This farm out is meant for people who are extroverts and are enthusiastic and ingest warm engaging personalities.
2)Deck and Engineering- This is an important line of work since the mechanisms of the ship and its maintenance falls under this category. This is principally referable to the fact that a cruise ship is type A floating city in that respect are numerous chore opportunity in the hospitality sector Cruise Ship Positions.

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