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The most common examples would be thematic blogs with square affiliate banners on the side. While there are considerably less sophisticated affiliate websites that use merchants’ data feeds to offer their users a comparison shopping experience, I want to mention three that are absolutely mind-blowing in my opinion.
Whichever of the above 5 routes you decide to go as an affiliate, remember that the key to success is in offering a new and unique shopping experience — engaging and entertaining. These posts may help you here: How To Guide for Affiliates and 10 Free Online Resources for Affiliates.
I am a newbie in marketing, but I know a little PHP programming, SQlite & Linux scripting. The ‘Cost per Sale’ refers to the amount of money you spend to drive people to the web page that has the affiliate link on it. With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing you pay a small amount every time someone clicks on your Adword’s ad to come to your site. The Number of Sales is the number of products sold to people who have clicked on the affiliate link on your site.
You then have to work out how much it costs to get people to visit the binocular page on your website.

WebSideStory, the average conversion rate is 3.3% (The conversion rate is the percentage of people who click on an affiliate link and buy the product). They introduce you to the process of working how much money you can make from affiliate marketing. If you have an incentive affiliate aboard your program, ask yourself if they are really helping you.
This post is written specifically with auto-piloted affiliate programs (and programs that auto-approve all affiliates) in mind.
One of great coupon sites is run by another friend of mine, Mike Allen, the 2009 Pinnacle Awards winner in the category Affiliate of the Year. I’ve been testing solutions for the past month or so and have already gotten burned by a couple of so called coupon affiliate datafeed providers.
In my case, as the affiliate, I inquire with the merchant advertiser but in once case they did not respond with a yea or nay. I develop several automated showcases that relies on merchants’ datafeed through an affiliate network, and I get a good additional income out of it. That means for every pair of binoculars that are sold via the affiliate link on your site, you make $20.

As an affiliate running a 100% clean loyalty website, you are a perfect commentator on this topic. Unfortunately in some countries in which affiliate marketing is in the development phase, many affiliates lack expert knowledge and it is our role ( the network) to teach, recommend and enhance their knowledge in order to optimise this win-win-win relationship.
You also know that roughly one out of every 50 people clicking on an ad goes on to click on the affiliate link and make a purchase. It is also interesting to point out that many of these affiliates are actually earning good money on it.
I remember doing a lot of education with the merchant about how this particular model wasn’t reflective of all of affiliate marketing.

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