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The advertising sales recruiters at KAS Placement are the top resource for executive sales jobs in the United States. We maintain a strict focus on account management recruiting and advertising sales recruiters help candidates identify the jobs that are going to enhance their careers.
Since inception, our advertising sales recruiters have assisted 1,000's of organizations make hiring the best sales professionals easier delivering talent that would otherwise not be found.
Find out how KAS Placement's advertising sales recruiters can leverage an unparalleled knowledge to help you complete even the most specific staffing requests.

As Mumbrella politely mentioned last week, my family and I are moving to New York – and me into a New York advertising agency. If you have tips about how to move to a New York advertising agency from overseas, fire away below. Clients use our headhunters' knowledge of the job market as a resource to deliver them top talent in a quick and accurate manner. I also listed 8 other things I was proud of, talking points to show the diversity (big word in the advertising industry in the States right now) of my background.

It started as an event for women in digital advertising and that’s expanded over the years.
I also decided to focus in on a New York advertising agency rather than other cities a few months before.

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