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While many sites opt to only include basic information about each of their team members, others opt to include extended profile information.
9miles Media9 uses photos of each of their members, which, when clicked on, display each person’s profile information, including links to social media accounts. Wildbit shows only one (random) team member’s profile at a time under the list of team members.
2Cs shows photos of their team members just below the header, with low opacity except for the active profile. WooThemes uses a simple design that puts the focus on the founders of the company, but also gives plenty of space to the other team members.

Caxiam Group is another site where the individual team member profile pages are what make it stand out. I really like the Etsy team page, because they also show you the different company departments. They include a pic and brief bio of each team member, as well as links to their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Click on a team member and their profile appears, including links to their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and their email. They also include links to each employee’s LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and blog posts.

They also include links to each member’s Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr profiles, if applicable.
Adding information to a website on a company’s key employees is a simple but effective way to make that company stand out in the mind of its prospective clients.
Extended profile information is a great way to give clients and prospects more insight into the employees behind a company.

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