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Since launching in 2013, Instagram’s advertising platform has been reserved mostly for the elite brands of the world (i.e. Currently, the only caveat is that the business or agency has to have a Facebook representative mapped to its business.
If you are looking to take advantage of Instagram’s advertising expansion, we’ve written the five considerations for running paid ads on Instagram, including when it might not work, and how to make the most of your ads. Instagram users not only follow personal connections, but also connect around their passion points (influencers, celebrities, bloggers, brands). Keep in mind that the Instagram experience is almost entirely mobile, and if that doesn’t fit with your customers or your outcome, advertising on Instagram may be a challenge.
It should be noted, however, that the audience size on Instagram is significantly smaller than Facebook. Before you dip your toes into Instagram, make sure you have all of your analytic funnels setup. In terms of costs, Instagram typically shows a higher CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rate across the board when compared to Facebook.
Agence Tesla Asia Tips on Youtube presence, Facebook Atlas, Instagram Analytics, and more! Ads in self-service are not yet available, but until then, you can still practice your analytics skill with the new set of tools provided by Instagram.

Instagram is also reportedly in talks with Publicis Groupe's Starcom MediaVest Group on a potential deal, according to Ad Age. Instagram has begun testing various ads that will allow users to shop for everything from clothing to menu items at local restaurants, integrating new iPhone features like 3D Touch and Apple Pay as well (via Digiday). Instagram, owned by Facebook, is attempting to get a cut from the sales of many of the products that its service generates naturally, according to Digiday's sources. Could be cool: touch a photo too hard, realize you have inadvertently purchased a product that Instagram auto-detected in the image!
Instagram, owned by Facebook, is attempting to get a cut from the sales of many of the products that its service generates naturally, according to Digiday's sources.
Never used Instagram but knowing that Facebook bought it, you can bet the service will become worse long-term. Instagram also expanded its advertising options to include an increase in the length of video ads to 30 seconds (doubling the previous 15-second limit), and a premium package, called Marquee, which works to quickly garner large awareness and reach. Through Nielsen research, Instagram found that 97 percent of campaigns generated ad recall that was a 2.8-times higher than what Nielsen normally measures in online ads.
The Instagram community prides itself on being authentic, and while users are open to engaging with brands through the platform, they prefer to do so on their terms. While Instagram campaigns are highly successful at driving brand awareness and ad recall, driving toward objectives, such as product purchase and lead generation, have not proven to be as directly impactful.

Additionally, Instagram advertising may not be the right fit for a company trying to reach a small or highly specific audience. Because the ads are managed through the Facebook interface, most targeting options available in Facebook are also available on Instagram. If your brand is utilizing Facebook pixels to track conversions or website interactions, these pixels can be utilized for Instagram as well. This should be anticipated and should be noted when budgeting for an Instagram campaign, and when setting bids. The addition of Apple Pay aims to add to the "frictionless shopping" experience by letting users purchase something they see directly within Instagram, without having to visit the brand's own app or Safari to complete the purchase. Sixty-eight percent of Instagram users age 13-24 say they interact with brands regularly on the platform. Although there are no longer minimum spends in place to run ads through Instagram, we see most brands allocate a minimum of around $5,000.

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