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A few clients of ours have had LinkedIn issues with former employees still being listed as still working for their company.
Let’s pretend Laurent has decided to move to Tibet and find his inner self and forgot to remove himself from the Link Humans company page.
The company page should update within a day or so, we have experience both immediate changes and slower ones. Post video links to encourage sharing, links to YouTube play directly in the LinkedIn feed and generally result in a 75% higher share rate.
With over 200 million active members, LinkedIn is the perfect professional social media network for businesses and communities to promote their products and services, recruit top talent, and share important, interesting, and useful updates with Linkedin Company Pages.
LinkedIn celebrated its 3,000,000th Company Page last month, but many businesses still don’t understand the value of maintaining one.
Linkedin users can “Follow” your company to stay tuned for updates on additional services, statuses, and more. Linkedin Company Pages are free to set up and require very little technical know-how and you can get started once you have all the following information to fill out the profile.
Enter basic information about your company, its description, number of employees, and industry it operates in.

To help you create a standout LinkedIn company page, here are some best practices to enable management and engagement effectively.
More resources on how to optimize your Company Page, check out LinkedIn’s Company Pages guide. This entry was posted in Technology and tagged Business Networking, Linkedin Company Pages. The menu bar is a little more prominent, and looks more like tabs on a website then the tiny links in LinkedIn’s old interface which also adds to the dynamic look of the Pages. I still maintain that it is important to maintain a human voice in social media (Like Facebook, you must still have a personal profile on LinkedIn to create a Company Page), but there are some benefits to having a certain autonomy when it comes to you company’s voice.
Also gone is the ability to easily see who you knew at a company, although the Insights tab makes up for it I think. Thanks to Linkedin to keep updating the website, differentiate from other competitors and most valuable thing is the sales from Linkedin. Yes - some of the new changes I am really liking - some not so much - but I do like the new Company Pages.
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Ex-employees sometimes cling on to their old employer on LinkedIn for different reasons, sometimes they don’t actually realise that they do.
Next to the company name you will notice a little grey triangle (I put the red square there). When you do invite people to follow your Company page, let them know the benefits of following your Company Page. With the latest feature - follow thought leaders, I can feel that Linkedin does on the right track.
Whatever the case may be, you the company representative can remove people who are not working for you very easily. Employees too benefit from these pages since they can list your company as their employer on their personal pages. If you are looking for examples for inspiration and ideas check out the many great Linkedin Company Pages.

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