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Scammers are using the celebrity hacking scandal to trick people into entering their Apple ID and password details into a fake login screen.Security experts have discovered emails and text messages that claim to be from Apple, warning users about unauthorised access to their accounts. These so-called phishing emails (pictured) are designed to trick people into entering their Apple ID and password details in a fake login screen. One of the women named as an alleged victim - but who has not had any of her supposedly nude photos leaked - was Cara Delevingne (left). Following the publication of the photos, a spokesman for oscar winner Lawrence confirmed to MailOnline the images of her are genuine. Mysterious: A spokesman denied that nude photographs of Ariana Grande (left) were published.
Keegan, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Farrah Abraham.A spokesman for Keegan, the former Coronation Street actress, said there was no evidence she had been hacked and nothing had appeared online to suggest so. We reported you about a new bug in the core component of iOS and OS X that causes the device's Messages app to crash and iPhones to reboot if it receives a certain string of characters, Arabic characters, via text message. It's been really annoying that people all across the world are messaging each other the secret string of unique characters that resets the phone, causing it to turn on and off.
There isn't any official fix from Apple so far, however the company has released a statement saying how to fix your crashed phone if it is sent the malicious text. If the issue continues, tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread. Apple has yet to release an update to fully address the issue exploited by the killer Unicode string, and hopefully we get a real fix for this issue soon.
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El codigo ASCII (American Standart Code for Information Interchange) se ha revelado como una nueva manifestacion artistica.
Con los caracteres del ASCII se pueden conseguir desde unos esbozos muy simples hasta verdaderas reproducciones de las pinturas mas famosas del mundo, tanto en blanco y negro como en color. En informatica, se trata de un codigo estandar de 7 bits para la representacion de caracteres con valores binarios, pero no se pueden representar acentos.
La lista del codigo ASCII se compone de un total de 128 caracteres, aunque para el ASCII-art solo se utilizan del valor 32 al 126, ademas del 13 que sirve para pasar de linea. Para asegurar la calidad y la honestidad del contenido de Beevoz, todas los procesos de revision y eliminacion de contenidos seran revisados por nuestro personal. Si quieres recibir notificaciones de todos los nuevos comentarios, debes acceder a Beevoz con tu usuario. Sam Login, chief executive of Outfit7, the company responsible for the Talking Angela and the larger Talking Tom and Friends series of Apps, addressed the hoax on Friday, Feb.
The hoax consisted mostly of messages posted on Facebook, stating that the Talking Angela application takes pictures of children without their knowledge and records private information about them, in theory for child predators.
Other messages are darker and more alarming, suggesting that the Talking Angela app is a front for child predators to gain access to children. It appears the concern is real, and on the surface Talking Angela does appear to be a new brand of invasive apps for children.

Login went on to explain that the nature of the app is simply artificial intelligence and that the personal questions it asks, such as names, birthdate, hobbies, are run-of-the-mill questions to better inform their software on how to reach their consumers. While the hoax is a proven lie, many parents are worried that their children may be at risk when using this application. When Outfit7 was asked about the content some parents see as mature and not suitable for children, they responded saying Angela’s responses are meant to entertain adults as well as children and that concerned parents can switch the game to Child Mode to ensure that Angela doesn’t say anything some parents may see as inappropriate.
When Talking Angela is not in Child Mode, she can engage in a two way discussion and talk about many different topics, allegedly including explicit sexual content. The bottom line is parents need to stay vigilant when it comes to the safety of their children online as much, if not more, as offline. Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons, Todd Loik: Pink Shirt DayI get knocked down but I get up again.
L’application Talking Angela, creee par le developpeur d'applications mobiles Outfit7, serait selon les rumeurs un jeu pedophile.
Cette application n’est pas forcement pedophile comme le raconte les commentaires sur le mur Facebook de Talking Angela. Plus d'actu sur Talking AngelaTalking Angela : Une application sujette a un canular et de fausses rumeurs ?
When a user opens the app and enters their username (pictured left) they will be sent a push notification (pictured right). In March the firm added 'on-demand' passwords to Yahoo accounts and can be enabled in Account Security (pictured). This is used to regain access to an account if a user ever loses access to their trusted devices or forgets their password. She is a Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments.
Los ya curtidos en este arte se dedican ha realizar animaciones como si se tratase de un corto de animacion. Este codigo se puede usar en casi todos los procesadores de texto de Windows pero se debe emplear una fuente de ancho fijo para que el dibujo no se distorsione y se vea mal. De esta manera pretendemos evitar algunas situaciones, como que un autor cambie sustancialmente el contenido de un articulo muy popular, o las respuestas de una encuesta en curso. The messages which were written in the voice of a concerned parent, urged others to delete the app from their smart phones. Because SOME KIDS told them the names of the school they went to and is now on red alert at the school, and please PASS this on to ALL your friends,” reads one viral message. Angela, a seductive, white cat, speaks to the player using the app, asking many personal questions.
According to a Q&A section on Outfit7’s website, launched soonafter the hoax took hold, the data is collected in such a way that analysts can see the numbers, but cannot ascribe any age or name to one specific user.
Although the topics are family-friendly, the Talking Angela app is able to determine the most suitable topics of conversation according to a user’s age,” Outfit7 stated.
In Child Mode, Angela cannot speak on her own and she can only respond to touch and repeat what users tell her, according to Outfit7,.

At least one reviewer on Amazon, claims that Angela talks about her love life with Tom (Talking Tom, also of Outfit7), and specifically about kissing him, and asks users if they have boyfriends.
ALL CAPS – This is meant to get your attention and make the comment seem to be sinister and important enough that you HAVE to share it or something bad will happen. NEVER share an image of what you think is an abused child BEFORE checking to see if it’s real or not. L’application Talking Angela est un jeu ou les enfants peuvent parler a un chat et celui-ci leur apporte des reponses en fonction de leurs questions. Le seul probleme est que pour un enfant, il est tres facile de desactiver le mode enfant et rentrer dans le monde des adultes.
Users enter their username in the Yahoo login screen to receive a text message containing a password. El ASCII-art se emplea muy a menudo para mandar dibujos en los correos electronicos, tambien en el IRC, para ilustrar paginas web que son solo de texto o simplemente para dibujar y entretenerse.
Correcciones normales, como la adicion de informacion adicional al final del articulo, correccion de datos factuales o errores de estilo y ortograficos pasaran la validacion sin problema. The application can take photos and can also use the camera to record facial expressions that Angela then imitates.
Ce jeu serait apparemment une application pedophile selon les multiples commentaires sur Facebook. Seulement Talking Angela a aussi un mode pour les adultes avec un niveau de conversation qui n’est pas du tout le meme que pour les enfants. Today there are over 57 million people who have downloaded the app, with even more use one of the Talking Tom and Friends apps, which include Talking Angela as well as other talking animals apps. Par exemple Angela peut vous conseiller de faire une soiree ou vous echangez vos vetements avec votre petit copain, ou encore vous raconter son premier baiser.
Le developpeur d’application Outfit7, avait prevu une securite pour les enfants mais malheureusement pas assez protegee. En Internet existen muchas galerias de dibujos en ASCII, su elaboracion es un tanto minuciosa y lleva mucho tiempo pero el resultado final salta a la vista.
D’autres rumeurs se propagent au sujet d’un espionnage a partir de la camera avec tout un reseau de pedophiles derriere. Voir Miley Cyrus seins nus et au lit sur la couverture de W Magazine ou entendre quelqu’un vous raconte son premier rendez-vous ? L'application Talking Angela n'est pas un jeu pedophile mais juste une application mal securisee. Comme application securisee pour les enfants vous pouvez toujours telecharge les Simpsons, une application streaming pour regarder tous les episodes de la serie.

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