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Surveys say that (SMS) text message marketing is still a highly effective way to reach your customers and boost your profits. If you send too many promotional messages, it feels like spam and they’ll tune you out. A recent study says that 97% of text message recipients open the message within the first 15 minutes.
Again, the right time all depends on your market and their preferences, and the best way to discover it is to experiment. Chances are, your customers are signed up on several lists where they’re getting SMS messages from several companies.
In one important way, text message marketing is no different from any other kind of marketing. If you offer exactly what your customers are looking for, your text message marketing campaign can convert at 50% or higher. Mobile marketing is the use of the mobile device to deliver marketing messages to your customers and prospects. It can be anything really that you want it to be from banner ads on mobile websites to text messages sent to mobiles.
Also, consumers are 98% likely to open a text no matter who its from and email is increasingly opened on a smartphone when on desktop its consigned to junk. Consumers are also increasingly using apps to engage with everything from games to retailers to media. These simple facts mean that you have to get your message out on mobile, because that is where consumers are. Facebook also allows advertisers to create ads that are integrated into Facebook’s mobile app. In-game mobile marketing refers to mobile ads that appear within mobile games, like in the example below.
These are basic Google search ads built for mobile, often featuring extra add-on extensions like click-to-call or maps. QR codes are scanned by users, who are then taken to a specific webpage that the QR code is attached to.

Location-based mobile ads are ads that appear on mobile devices based upon a user’s location relative to a specific area or business. We ask Neil Bruce from Toolshop what his biggest eCommerce challenge is at the Internet Retailing Expo March 2015.
We talk to Lawrence Tickner at the Yankee Candle Company and ask him what the biggest ecommerce challenge he's facing in his operation. If everything is running smoothly, no misconstrued messages, no embarrassing faux pas, then you just might have a secret you should share with the world. As SMS Text Marketing begins to leave email in the dust, taking us all into a world of speed-of-light communication and an exponentially increasing number of relationships we must be prepared to communicate with greater authenticity than ever. If your business is one that can benefit from a two-way dynamic, understand that authentic transparency will help you harness SMS text marketing’s power while avoiding the pitfalls. About The AuthorAn 18-year sales and marketing veteran and seven-figure producer in two separate Direct Sales businesses before the age of 35, Andrew Cass is a nationally recognized expert and speaker on the topics of Direct Response Marketing and Direct Sales training.
He is one-of-the-few ‘Dan Kennedy Certified’ Business Advisors, co-author with Dan Kennedy in, The Ultimate Success Secret (South Florida Edition), and Founder of the Renegade South Florida Entrepreneur’s business growth group, in partnership with GKIC Insider’s Circle.
With all the new advances in mobile technology that can engage your customers, a simple 160-character text message still does the trick best. You can really enhance your mobile marketing campaign by offering something unique the others aren’t giving them. It can also involve how email marketing is increasingly being opened on mobile devices and it can even, if you want to get tricky with it, involve in-app push notification.
Well, mobile as a web access medium has now surpassed desktop internet access and mobile searches have grown by 200% since 2012. The kind that works best for your business will depend on your industry, target audience, and budget.
While 80% of mobile time is spent engaged with apps, you don’t have to create an app yourself to get in on the action. Facebook’s mobile Promoted Post ads integrate so seamlessly with Facebook’s news feed that users often don’t realize they’re looking at ads. In-game ads can appear as banner pop-ups, full-page image ads or even video ads that appear between loading screens.

QR codes are often aligned with mobile gamification and have an element of mystery to them, since users who scan them don’t always know exactly which rabbit hole they’re jumping down. For example, some advertisers may only want their mobile ads to appear when users are within a 1-mile radius of their business. However, we’ve all been the recipients of text messages with words that have been “autocorrected” to make no sense at all. The immediacy and expanded reach of SMS text marketing can open a business up to unforeseen pitfalls due to the real-time nature of this virtual communication tool. He is the founder and editor of the first-ever iPad Magazine on the topic of 'selling', now featured on the Apple Newsstand, Direct Selling Insider, is host of the Sales Velocity Podcast, now in Apple iTunes, and author of the book, Sales Velocity, as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Andrew is currently President and Co-Founder of his own Mobile Marketing company, RemarkaMobile. Amazingly, lots of businesses haven’t caught on to this easy, cost-effective mobile marketing method.
You have to strike the perfect balance so that you stay on their radar, your offers are timely, and you don’t drive them crazy with six messages a day.
This takes some creativity, but an easy way to get ideas is to sign up for a few of your competitors’ lists. Services like Google AdMob help advertisers create mobile ads that appear within third-party mobile apps. It’s important to understand the choices at your disposal and to use the ones that are going to be most productive for your business today. See what types of text message marketing offers they’re sending and figure out a way to make yours different. If your SMS provider allows you to, segment your list and send identical messages at different frequencies.
This is called split-testing and the response from your market will show you how much is just enough.

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