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ConceptIn Minecraft, we see chickens lay eggs regularly.But when we breed them, they just have a live birth.
1-The Rich Mana€™s Village: They had enough obsidian to make a nether portal and about 5 diamonds. 2-The Edge of Glory: Ita€™s on the edge of the world, so the farm is in half, there is one intact house, and the other one is in half as well. This Blog is in the Minedeas : Minecraft Idea Contest contest, now Complete!See the Final Leaderboard!

Just put the parents in the same place you want the chick to go, and tada!Plus regular eggs already give a rare chance to hatch a chick, so yeah. Let the player breed chickens to get a fertilized egg, then toss it for a 100 or 90% chance of spawning a chicken.
By changing the breeding process to having them produce a FERTILIZED egg, the player could select where and when a chicken would be hatched.
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A powerful tool in Hardcore mode or for making a chicken farm deep undergroundIt's simple, quick, and effective.

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