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If you want to see how it’s done, watch videos of real life approaches taken with hidden cameras and microphones.
Each month, Stylelife seeks out high caliber, attractive, intelligent, and articulate women to interview.
You had a ten year career in the architecture industry, in sustainable building and you recently left to pursue acting. Seduction can be a brutal art to learn, because training requires we fail in front of the people we’re interested in getting to know.

Ask any woman you meet to name qualities she looks for in a potential mate and she’ll almost always mention sense of humor.
There’s this trick the coaches and I have learned over the past few years of teaching bootcamps that can boost your confidence just enough to get you approaching.
Think about it for a second before you answer, then list what you think the top three obstacles in your way are.
This trick, if done right before you walk into a set, can give you a boost of confidence that will get you talking to beautiful women.

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