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Though outnumbered by male co-senators, senator Miriam never feared anybody in her 18 years senate life.
The lady senator has a very serious look but she has the character of being on the go, hip and hop and just someone who can adjust with the crowd. As a politician, it can’t be avoided that Senator Miriam would have some detractors or other public officials that would never be on the same side as her. Pag may magtanong sa iyo, kumusta ang love life mo?Just answer back ‘katulad mo, pangit. Kapag naalala ko ang mga nagkagusto sa akin noon,para akong nasa roller coaster, nakakasuka.
If you are to ask me how rightful Madam Miriam Defensor Santiago is to share these pick up lines, especially the sweet pick up lines, well then she is 100% rightful.
How influential can Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago be, that every time she shares these pick up lines to her audiences, it becomes a news headline on Philippine news?
Kung magkakaroon ako ng sariling planeta, gusto ko ikaw ang axis nito,para sayo lang iikot ang mundo ko.
It was Valentines Day this year 2013, when Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago delivered these Valentines pick up lines on one event. Senator Miriam was once asked why she’s always seen without a handbag or clutch bag and she said, bags would just occupy her hands. Kung magkakaroon ako ng sariling planeta, gusto ko ikaw ang axis nito, para sayo lang iikot ang mundo ko.
The very popular Pick up lines tagalog 2016 in this generation and reciprocation of tagalog pick up lines for 2016 is now available online. This is another tutorial on how to download and install crossfire in the Philippines CF 2.0 - September 10, 2015.

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A 23-yr old eternally lost boy in the jungles of Bicol, trying to find sanity and beauty through photography in his home country and inspirational stories here and around the world. Senator Miriam had always been among the favorite public personalities invited to deliver graduation speeches, inspirational and public speaking on university forums.
With these funny tagalog pick up lines of Miriam Defensor Santiago, you would surely have a good laugh. Of course, some are love-related while some are witty pick up lines about love rejection (busted) or some to annoy detractors. Proven enough that her love life is by far a successful one on their 42th wedding anniversary this year. She said that a part of their marriage success was their kindness to each other as husband and wife.
That at times, they are surprised to meet each other on their house corridors and realize they were actually married people. This lady senator was very serious, firm yet very outspoken on every issue on senate hearings. She may look very strict but it was a surprise at first, that she was not really that way stiff. Just recently, she became a Judge-elect of the International Criminal Court because her personality perfectly suits the position. Intentional or unintentional, who would ever think that she can crack something that will make her audiences laugh? The Santiago couple decided to renew their wedding vows at Manila Cathedral followed by the reception at Manila Hotel.

The entourage was composed of prominent personalities both in the politics, business and entertainment world. She was also able to go to school abroad and be with friends both male and female, and yes she remained faithful to her husband. She actually gave advice, that if in case a couple plans to have a baby that would be born on Valentines Day or February 14, probably intercourse should be done last week of May to 1st week of April.
Just by watching her and even if she doesn’t make faces, well she can really be soooo funny! No doubt why she’s one of the most invited public personality to speak on said events. The lady senator was not just an ordinary woman, that’s how her pick up lines got famous among the youngsters. Be sure to browse these pick up lines delivered and made popular by one and only Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Though some pick up lines are not her original, it was how she delivered it that made the people enjoyed it. If we’ve missed some Miriam Defensor Santiago latest pick up lines, then we would be very glad to read your additional pick up lines in the comment section.

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