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Anyone who has traveled through California will tell you good things about the good old Big Sur. Famous by the name of The American Riviera, Santa Barbara is situated in the north of the city of Los Angeles. Lying some hundred miles from Los Angeles, directed towards north, Big Bear is the heart of San Bernadino Mountains. Lying in the north of San Francisco, the place where all romance comes together, Napa Valley has charms of its own.
Going on a vacation with your couple allows you to unwind and forget the daily stresses for a while.
You get to pick up the places to visit in California that can provide you with the perfect romantic spots, and you also get to choose the hotels you are going to stay in.
This place offers you diverse landscapes, ranging from oceans and cliffs to redwood forests.

The cityscape is filled with intriguing architecture of Spanish Colonial era.  The city is also famous for being home to more than thirty spas! The land’s mountain resort offers its tourists rentable cabins and sledding and skiing during the winter. If you go about the city, you get to have that perfect picnic at the famous Golden Gate Park and then go city gazing from the very top of the Coit Tower. This exotic valley offers the romantic hearts with around 400 wineries, several of which also offer special vineyard tours as well as wine tasting events. While the best hotels in California to travel to are quite a few, such as Dolce Hayes Mansion, Hotel Bel-Air, The Orchard Hotel and Avanti Hotel; the romantic spots you must visit are numerous as well. Artist’s dream destination, this little town also has numerous galleries for you to get inspired from. If you are the kind of person who enjoys a romantic walk, then San Francisco offers mansions of Victorian-style, and by their side you can go walking.

On the edge of the hills covered with the grape vines lie small towns like Helena, which offer the tourists with several cozy inns and luxurious spas.
After getting inspired, you can pamper yourself at one of the town’s luxurious spas and later can go to one of its gourmet restaurants for a hearty meal. With its diverse landscapes, from mountain ranges to cities and oceanfront, Cali has it all. That is not it either, apart from your usual landscapes; it also offers a variety of weathers.

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