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In preparation, she spent time online watching many PSAs and learning internet safety tips, but I was amazed to see that in her writing, she focused more on our actions as parents helping her (even though she doesn’t like them and complains!) and she also reflected on her own behaviors. In addition, I’ve provided some quality links to help you learn some concrete tips, suggestions, educational tools, online rules and some texting acronyms.
I don’t think teens understand the danger they may be in when they release even the smallest bit of information on the Internet. I know as a teen myself that I don’t really want my Mom snooping through my iPod or cell phone, and it gets me irritated when she does. I’m sure everyone goes through the stage of always wanting to be right and completely in control of yourself, (or is that just me?) and when my parents go through personal conversations I have with my friends, it makes me want to be in the right and say that they can’t control me. Acting defiantly can be dangerous, especially to stubborn teens who always want to be right. I’ve made mistakes a few times with leaking a bit too much information, and thankfully my mom caught it before it was too late. Our parents have been here for longer than us, and chances are, they know a lot more than we do.
I know it sounds silly, but one day, when we grow up and become parents, and raise children, and have our kids act like we do now, we’ll be able to use the tools that our parents teach us now to help lead our kids to safety on whatever technology there is at that time.
My husband and I got a good chuckle, along with Ali, about this glimpse (reminder) into a teen’s brain. It was actually a very helpful process for ME to do some homework in finding and reading those links – and the others I put aside in favor of these. I keep wondering what new things are coming at us down the pike … but no matter what, safety tips and Internet literacy will always be a crucial lesson!
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A finales de septiembre Nicholas Carr publicaba en MIT Technology Review un extenso articulo sobre la crisis en la educacion superior.
El problema es que para mantener el progreso cada vez se necesitan impartir mas conocimientos a un mayor numero de personas.

La publicacion de contenidos gratuitoos online no es nueva, Harvard fue pionera en el ano 1997, pero el ritmo de publicacion de nuevos MOOCs esta creciendo exponencialmente. Los MOOCs no son la solucion magica para la educacion, las clases presenciales y la interaccion personal alumno-profesor seguiran existiendo y deben seguir existiendo.
BlogrollSolucionar el problema del teclado en espanol en Linux Mint 10 de agosto de 2016 Del YOLO al BAE, 9 palabras de redes sociales que tu NPI 4 de agosto de 2016 Los datos abiertos generan transparencia, riqueza y empleo 25 de julio de 2016 ?Cuidado con el “secuestro digital”! I’m not as technologically advanced as some kids in my generation, but I do know how to use the Internet, set up a new e-mail address for random things, and signing up for YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, or any other social media. That one time you put your first and last name in a post, or one picture of your house, with even just the town or state in the description, it could be the one time it would cost you.
However, after an incident on Instagram with me, I realize that without my mom’s snooping, things could’ve gotten out of hand really fast. Deep down I do get that it’s their job (that’s what they tell me) but sometimes I really just want to feel independent and not live in a video game while my parents have the controller.  So, sometimes I defy them and always get caught. Even though teens may always think that they are right and might know everything about everything, we don’t. I like to be right, so this comes from the bottom of my heart when I say that trying to be right can be dangerous. Thanks for sharing this great perspective, I’m sure those links will come in handy to me!
Lot’s of information out there to sift through – but really important to be aware of! It’s wonderful to hear a child know they made a mistake and learn from it instead of fight it. I love reading this and seeing a teen understand the dangers of being too public, and that we as parents simply have their best interests at heart! Sometimes I think I share more than she does and worry that I’m not being prudent enough! Se paga por creditos con un coste entre 5,8€ y 27,14€ en primera matricula y hasta 126,33€ por credito en cuarta matricula.

Segun un informe del comite de asesoria economica del presidente de los Estados Unidos, se gastan al ano en el mundo 3,900,000,000,000$ (el 5,6% del PIB planetario) en educacion. Cada vez tiene menos sentido mantener sistema educativo heredero del modelo prusiano del siglo XIX con alumnos dividos por edades y jornadas presenciales divididas por clases de 1 o 2 horas de cada materia. Las promesas de la aplicacion de inteligencia artificial a las herramientas de formacion se quedaran cortas una vez haya pasado su pico de expectativas (las promesas de la IA historicamente nunca se han cumplido).
There are many Public Service Announcements on YouTube and television that support this idea and others to keep teens safe.
Even though we might say differently, we definitely need the help of our parents to lead us as we learn to use our better judgement.
By thinking that we are in charge and not under our parents’ protective wings, it gives us a sense of confidence and self-approval, which can be really positive, but if we think we know it all or can’t get hurt, if we ignore the dangers online, it could lead to bad stuff happening.
Pero yo digo que todos los conocimientos estandar de toda la formacion reglada desde la primaria a la superior deberian hacerse disponibles gratuitamente online de manera que cualquier persona pueda adquirir por su cuenta los conocimientos que considere necesarios y convenientes.
A parent who knew what was going on would say that their daughter can’t go meet the boy she met on the Internet who “lives down the street.” Who knows who this person might be? Se trata de una nueva generacion de herramienta que pretenden ir mas alla del eBook para crear experiencias educativas personalizadas para cada alumno utilizando tecnicas de inteligencia artificial. Ya veremos si luego termina el curso, se certifica de algo u obtiene el titulo oficial de aquello. Como parte del cambio de modelo, en lugar de recibir lecciones teoricas en clase e irse a su casa con ejercicios, los alumnos estudian previamente la teoria por su cuenta y luego van a clase para hacer reguntas, fijar conceptos y realizar practicas con el profesor. Lo importante en primer lugar es que aprenda, que pueda aprender, y que pueda combinar cosas y conectar ideas interdisciplinarias.

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