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Palm reading is an ancient and tested tool for offering clear, personalized guidance for your journey. Are you searching for answers to your most troubling questions regarding your health, relationships, finances, or life purpose? Palm reading can help you determine where you are experiencing both success and resistance in relationship to your Life Purpose and Life Lessons right now. We will dig deeply into the secrets of your life purpose, life lesson, and relationship patterns from the hundreds of lines in your hands and fingerprints. These consciousness based teachings are grounded in the ancient sciences of traditional Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese Medicine.

What people are saying…"I have been in the field for many years, and have never met a more beautiful and pure soul than Dr. For thousands of years, wise men, sages, philosophers, kings and leaders have all turned to palmistry for answers to these questions. Just as palmistry has enlightened many before you, you are about to receive great insight into your inner psyche and personal potential!
Sarah Larsen uses the wisdom of palmistry as a tool to peer into your past, present, and future – and offer intuitive guidance to answer your most pressing questions and concerns. The shape of your hand will be accessed to reveal your personality profile and to get you started on understanding the key insights for your transformation.

Combined with cutting edge research and modern western medicine, they serve as the foundation for Dr. If you seek an answer to a question, keep that question in your heart as you examine the intricacies of your hands!
Plus, we will investigate your special markings and work together to create a unique Soul Mission Statement incorporating your Life Purpose and Life Lessons.

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