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About his lovely bride to be, Walter says that she is “wonderful”, “humble and down-to-earth”.
Walter also has a daughter with tv personality Pearl Thusi, and he is said to be a great dad. Walter and the two women in his life seem to be getting on well together, and Pearl has a relationship of her own to focus on. Officials forgot the keys that unlocked the gates to some of the first set of Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, forcing an entire fire patrol to turn up with bolt cutters and let everyone in.

The Rio Olympics are off to an even rougher start than expected, with officials forgetting to bring keys to unlock the gates to one of the first sporting matches. This hasn’t been the only technical issue to plague the Olympics before the official game period officially begins.
Overall, most athletes appear to be making do with the hand they’ve been dealt with, and for those looking to ease tensions in the meantime, Olympic officials have a few ideas for them to do so safely. The most expensive games in all Olympic history remain those in Sochi, costing over $50 billion.

The couple have a daughter together, and have been going strong together for a couple of years now.
We focus on Mzansi's stories, even though at times we do cover stories beyond south Africa.

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