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When I got my first smartphone, it didn't take long before my friends and I created a game that we liked to call "Paste-Send." You see, instead of having to use T9 to type out text messages, the touch-based interface made copying and pasting incredibly easy.
Step 2: Choose Your VictimOnce you've got WhatsApp Spammer installed, go ahead and open it up. Step 3: Choose How Many Messages to SendNext, you can pick the amount of messages you'd like to send. If you have important news that you need to get out quickly, Facebook enables you to send a message to up to 250 people at once. Step 2Type each friend's name and select your friends from the list that displays when you type. Step 3Select any of the icons to make your group easy to find on your home page menu, or skip this part. You can be temporarily blocked from sending bulk messages if Facebook or any of your friends feel you're abusing the messaging feature. Our terms: We reserve the right to edit or delete any comment, so please post thoughtfully. Thoughtful, detailed coverage of the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, plus the best-selling Take Control ebooks. But if you’re like me — and reports indicate you are — you’ve started to receive more unwanted calls and messages in the last year. Note that AT&T waives all charges for reporting spam messages for those on limited messaging plans, but the company does not automatically credit you for the spam message itself. Bring up the text message in Messages and be sure not to click any URLs embedded in the message. Enter 7726 (the numeric equivalent of the letters SPAM on a telephone keypad) and tap Send.
AT&T responds with a message asking you to send the number from which the message originated. You can write down the number of the spam and then tap it in, but you can also use my uncle’s trick here too.
Now tap the number that was added (or is already there in the Edit screen), tap Select All, and tap Copy. Navigate back to the message you received from AT&T, tap in the Text Message field, tap Paste, and tap Send. This is great - I'd been wondering just what to do with the SMS spam I got while away on vacation and didn't have a chance to research. This is great to know for spam test messages (which started when I was with AT&T, and have carried over to my T-Mobile account, since I kept the same number). Does it really work?I am on AT&T's pay-per-use messaging plan and I have reported several spams in the past (by forwarding to 7726).
With Android, there are free programs to send Sir Spam-a-lot (Evil Marketer on my phone) directly to voicemail with no ring.

We've now heard from a reader that the same steps, and the same 7726 short code, also works for Verizon Wireless subscribers. So that meant we could copy a piece of text, then paste it into text messages in rapid succession to text bomb the annoyed recipient. To get it installed, use your Play Store app to search it by name, or head to this link to jump directly to the install page. All messages will go through almost simultaneously, so keep that in mind when making your choice.Adjust the Message Amount slider to a value of anywhere between 1 and 100.
The free version of WhatsApp Spammer limits this message to 30 characters, but the pro version does not have this restriction. The process is the same as sending a message to one person -- and there is a trick you can use to do it quickly.
If you literally want to send a message to every friend on Facebook, you can do that quickly. Please check your email for a link that, when clicked, will verify that you're a real person and cause your comment to appear immediately. We use your email address only to send you a one-time verification message confirming that you posted this comment. Create a “Sir Spam-a-Lot” entry in Contacts, and add any spam callers as alternative numbers to that entry.
The free AT&T Mark the Spot app for reporting bad cell coverage or calls also includes a button for reporting SMS spam that explains, with too little detail, how to do it. You can request a credit from AT&T customer service, but it may not be worth the effort for twenty cents. Back at the spam message, tap Add Contact > Create New Contact, and either make that “Sir Spam-a-Lot” entry or tap Add to Existing Contact if you already have one.
By reporting, you can theoretically reduce future unwanted use of your limited plan, as well as the annoyance factor of repeat spamming. Sir Spam-a-Lot now resides in my Contacts, and one more spammer has been turned into the authorities. The return address (if that's what you call it) is set to a partial phone number, so they're nearly impossible to get into the main spam workflow with ATT.
Text us the actual spam message to short code 7726 (SPAM) to start an investigation."Hm, investigation?"What can I do if I get charged for spam?If spam has become a problem for you, simply let us know and we'll work with you to resolve the issue.
I wanted to disable SMS a lot earlier, but have been unable to train my wife (and her coworkers) to use the Google voice number instead of the iphone number.Google SMS messaging is kind of weak, and does't integrate into the messages app, but it's free.
I would love to be able to set my phone to only receive text messages or iMessage from people in my contact list, same with calls. He also had been told, but has not confirmed, that Verizon Wireless would remove the charges for spam messages if you were on a limited-message plan. It was all in good fun, of course, and it usually evoked a stream of swear words from the guy on the other end when timed correctly.But that was 5 years ago.

Start by pressing the Choose Contact button at the top-right of the screen, then the app will ask for Superuser privileges, so hit Grant on the pop-up.
The pro version of WhatsApp Spammer will allow you to send as many as 1,000 messages for a one-time cost of 99 cents.
Of course, it’s not worth AT&T’s effort either, so perhaps if lots of people request credits, they’ll figure out how to provide automatic credits for reported spam messages.
Obviously for people with unlimited SMS plans it's not an issue, but for someone like me who doesn't text much and just pays per message, it's $0.20 down the drain every time I get a spam text. It's impossible for us to determine if a message is unsolicited unless you bring it to our attention."So it sounds like you need to contact customer service to get charges refunded.
As a one time courtesy, we can refund you the $0.20 fee if it does show on your next invoice. And created my wireless blocking of emailed SMS and images (I don't need this and most times its phone to phone).
Things have come a long way since then.Developer X7Solutions has brought my so-called "Paste-Send" game into the future. Posts you send to a secret group are just as private as Facebook messages, but your friends have the choice to opt in or out of the group rather than muting you or marking your messages as spam. To send additional messages, you can find your group's page in the Group section of your home page.
Your phone rings, shows “Sir Spam-a-Lot” is calling, and you just double-tap to send it to voicemail or ignore it. It’s unreasonable for AT&T to benefit financially from allowing customer accounts to be abused by spammers. If enough people constantly report text message spam, the crooks and abusers will be shut off more quickly, and we will all receive less spam. The phone rep said that if that's the entire body of the message, it does not go back to the sender, but enters a blocking queue. Simply reach out to us when you get your bill and let us know- then we can make that adjustment. I've got four accounts set that way but ironically I still get one SMS a month from AT&T telling me my bill was paid!
If you're a WhatsApp user, you can send as many as 100 messages to your unsuspecting friends with the tap of a single button.
Even better, take the advice of a commenter and set a silent or extremely innocuous ringtone for the Sir Spam-a-Lot contact so spam calls and texts don’t interrupt you.
The pro version wouldn't have sent this last message, but at least it levels the playing field a bit.So how mad is your friend right now?

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