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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. When we talk about it during sex, she really gets off but she says she would prefer it remain a fantasy. Porn is not a turn on for me and he has asked me to watch it with him and even tho I know he's thinking about me while watching it just the thought of seeing him getting turned on by some cheap chicks is such a turn off. When we are apart for months at a time I really get excited thinking she might have sex and then tell me about it.

She sends me fantasy emails about her doing it with a girl or a friend of ours to excite me but she still says she won't do it for real.
She once got so mad, she went into explicit detail how she went to a girls bar and slept with a hottie and now the hottie tells her she doesn't need me. My wife says she had the best sex ever and now is happy with her new girlfriend for sex all the time. He gets mad when I get mad at him for not cumming because he's watched porn and only seems to be having sex with me cuz i want it.

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