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Leggy lovely: (clockwise from top left) Make small cuts in the leg and stud the lamb with cloves, star anise and cardamom. But if, like me, you often find a quarter bottle that’s been sitting in the fridge for weeks, use it to whip up your next meal.
I find leftover wine ideal for sprinkling on veggies or diced and shredded meats in a sizzling wok. As 2010 rolled in, I found myself back home in chilly Delhi after two weeks in the sunnier climes of Bangalore, Coorg and Mumbai.
I was freshly inspired by Adventures in Wine Cookery By California Winemakers, a well-preserved gem of a book I found in a Bangalore second-hand bookstore.

A word about the leg of lamb you see in the pictures above: It was really quite small, and on a winter evening it was just about enough for two people.
This article has listed some of the most popular shopping destinations for hippie products which make shopping a lot easier and happening.
Soul Flower was founded by Mike and Peggy with an aim to promote a bohemian, eco-friendly fashion. SunPhish store promises to bring a vibrant collection of hippie products which have been designed and weaved with hands. Shop at one of the most amazing places for hippie clothing, HipMountainMama is an exclusive store which was started by Suzy.
These are some of the wonderful stores at which you can try your hands on the fashionable hippie clothes and accessories to wear a stylish look every day. That happens pretty quickly since alcohol starts turning into sharp steam at 77.7 degrees Celsius, well below the 100-degree boiling point of water. Nevertheless, in this age of celebrity chefs, it’s quite exciting to read a simple, inventive collection of recipes by homemakers from the 1960s. With a knife, make cuts all over, some deep enough to stuff larger spices such as star anise or cardamom (or stick anise and cardamom under loose skin). And shopping for funky, colorful and cool hippie clothes is all the more interesting and engaging. Get your hands on the most vibrant dresses and complementing accessories to stylize your new look. Since its inception, it has become a popular shopping destination for stylish and smart hippie clothes and various other related products.
It is known for its high quality hippie offerings which have been designed keeping in mind the finest details of the bohemian culture.
The store aims to popularize and market eco friendly clothing to people who love to dress like bohemian. Make sure you get a larger leg if you want to serve more people, especially in the cold season, when meat gets consumed in larger quantities than in the summer.

Grill for an hour, basting frequently with the leftover marinade and sunflower or olive oil.
We always look for great variety, fashionable designs and high quality fabrics which are value for money. You can easily find a wide range of hippie style clothing and accessories which are handmade and eco friendly. Match them with unique accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry and get dressed like a hippie. Founded by Stephen Forster, it is a perfect place to get your hands on colorful ethnic hippie and bohemian style dresses, tops, trousers and shoes. It is surely one of the best places to buy amazing hippie products of all kinds and dress like one. Enjoy an exquisite collection of the wonderful hippie clothes along with funny and funky accessories to help you redesign a completely new look.
With amazing options for online shopping, we have some of the best stores to help us find the most attractive designer hippie clothing at best prices. They have authentic handmade clothes procured all the way from India and a true reflection of the culture and tradition of India. Each of this attire is designed by natives and is beautifully handspun for an authentic feel. The buyers enjoy their vibrant collection and always feel satisfied with the quality they get. Remove the leg, wrap it in foil and put back into the oven, increasing the temperature to 240 degrees Celsius. With no quality compromises, they bring us the most alluring line of handmade funky clothes along with matching accessories, scarves, belts and jewelry to help us dress the right way.

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