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I received a call from a good friend to pick them up at there house , it must have been around 2 am, to take them downtown, so I get there and I am greeted by Ed with a big hug and a Happy New Year , so we go inside and I see Heidi [Eds wife] that I used to work with at another company , when I made real money, anyway I get another big hug and a Happy New Year!
So back to Ed and Heidi , I have to say that it was an honor that they called me, I mean if you ever met this couple and there daughter, who is just as awesome as they are!, no really I wish I had a family like this, you would be impressed also, anyway I had not been to there new house since they left that loft in downtown, i have to say it was a very nice home, someplace that you would be happy to call home and for there daughter to grow up there is great, small quiet street. So the first group off and I am on my way back for the 2ND and I get a personal call to pickup close to them and drop near them and I tell them it will be a few more minutes and they are cool with that, so after all the drive time these guys and gals are such troopers they actually sat and waited for me THANKS GUYS!
If you need a ride call me Scott 775-830-1799 or my brother Joel 775-813-6299 most times we can get to you within 20 min the est.

Last ride of the night and I get these 2 awesome girls in my cab, so we start off and they are very playful girls talking about what happens in a cab and so on, so I start to tell them and they are like no way and I say yep all the time things happen…. So they say there roommates and always wanted to make out in a cab, but there straight and would it be OK? So we get to there house and they ask me if I want to come in for a drink, I politely refuse and tell them I need to have the car back soon and I had no time, so they took my card and I know I will see them again. She introduces me to her friends and roommates and I see this stunning woman there, I mean she is a knockout!

Sure I will be waiting, while sitting there I get approached by many customers as to a ride I tell them I have personals I am waiting on and they leave, eventually they get there and are real happy for the ride, all the way home we talk about what we all do, it seems many of them are War veterans from IRAQ and Afghanistan , so we share stories and enjoy the ride, then my phone rings and it is the other half of the party and they all yell at the phone , it seems they were separated at one point and just happen to call at the same time and they have a bit of a laugh…so I tell the second group I can drop off the first and return for them, they are way cool with that! Ruffa-Anne Gutierrez being prim and proper while walking the grounds of Hong Kong Disneyland with Balenciaga at hand.

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